The Backyard Preacher Podcast #68

It’s interesting to note some sects of the early church who broke away from Catholicism hundreds of years before Martin Luther would meet together all as initiated brothers and sisters in Christ. (Confession, and Baptism) Yet these Christians did not have set Bishops, priest, or prophets etc.. Instead each gathering they cast lots to decide the hierarchy for the appointed meeting. What an amazing group of Christians all dedicated enough to take on each office when called upon by the Church. The Spirit gives us the ability to live serving one another in any capacity that needs met. Yet many church Fathers such as Tertullian thought their actions foolish that they would allow anyone into their meetings, be all accepting and loving, following the Spirit. There was no need for a cult of personality, or a single leader as all were leaders, all suffered the cause of being selected to hierarchy. What if we could live this out today? What do you think?