A Conversation Worth Having.

I am as tired as anyone else about the world ending because they put a black man who knelt in respectful protest to the flag. I mean, I guess I do not get it. He never was disrespectful to the flag, or country. To say we don’t have real issues that need to be addressed is a lie. We can as a society do better. The justice system is whack. I know police target blacks I have heard it from a former cop that they do. Most inmates in the largest prison population in the world are black. Who has that prison population, yes, the U.S. of A. Greater population than Russia and China combined.

Now I am white and I am not saying white people don’t go through struggles, get killed by cops, or end up in prison. But generally it’s the black kid with the cell phone that was supposedly a gun that ends up on the news. If you drive through impoverished areas in most cities, who lives there? Black people, and why? These are real issues and Kaepernick used his platform to start a conversation that we are all having.

The funny thing is, I have not seen or heard of one black person protesting Kaepernick or Nike. I am sure they exist, but it seems to be all white people. I am white and know a bit about white privilege. I have been given more chances by the justice system than I deserve. I have never been harassed by the police, or asked for ID, or unlawfully searched. I also never grew up in poverty. Now I know a lot of white people have. I am just speaking for myself.

Can we at least just understand, maybe think about the message instead of being so critical. I know they could have put other athletes in the advertisement, but they didn’t, and maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe we need to be having this conversation.


The Backyard Preacher Podcast #119 (We Do Not Have a Trickle Down God)

Nate talks about the huge increase in pay that corporations in America will receive if all goes as planned for the Republican party, in their efforts to pass a new tax bill.  The old trickle down scam!  Do you really think that corporations are going to increase your wage?

The Backyard Preacher Podcast #91 (A Country Divided)

Nate talks about the tragic shooting of a congressman.  The great state of civil unrest in this country as never seen since the days of the civil war.  Nate looks at what Jesus did when faced with similar adversity and the role in which the American government plays.

Social Justice? Or Social Justice Abuse?

4e2We live an amazing time in history. At no other time has one been able to communicate with other humans around the globe so quickly. Yes the world has gone and gotten itself into a hurry and if you’re smart you will keep most of your thoughts off of the net. I suppose I find myself not following my own advice. Well it is probably because I don’t have much shame, and not to worried about being publicly shamed. I have done enough shaming of myself through many poor life choices. Yet I am undeterred and press forward because I am looking out for you; not really but I do care.

I care about humanity because we are all men and women created in the image of God. We make mistakes, fall down, and often times if you’re like me falling down is about as normal as a walk in the park.  Alright, enough about me, back to the lecture at hand. I say all of this as a human who believes in social justice and equality for all people. It is important that we give grace and understanding to those that we may not see eye to eye with. We all know of someone would be considered a social justice warrior. They drive a hybrid, always recycle, and attend social events for the causes they support. Most are always into the latest and greatest causes within the progressive movement and are quick to gang up on those that cling to their Bible and guns. Now of course I am generalizing, as I fall into the middle of the spectrum. Not a radical conservative or a crazy liberal, instead I have found my space in the Goldilocks zone of the political, social, and religious spectrums. But watch out because if you are caught with your hand in the cookie jar saying something not popular the social justice peace loving warriors will strip you of your identity and roast you like a stuff pig. So I have come to the conclusion is it social justice? Or social abuse?

We humans like to follow the leader. We will jump on a bandwagon and pick up stones and destroy each other with words and other forms of abuse because it seems popular, everyone else is doing it, or maybe it satisfies some deep unfulfilled place in our soul. It’s an oxymoron- ok I am going to fight for justice, at the same time I am going to tear someone down. I think of the many establishments around the country who refuse to bake a cake or support homosexual weddings through their businesses. It might be a little silly, I have told my friends what an excellent opportunity to share the light of Christ. Yet for these people it is a real issue they are honestly morally torn. I dont get it, why can’t we just leave them alone? Here is a good one, Donald Trump talks about Mexicans at the border and while he may have some valid points. He obviously needs to do some research and is not politically correct, but that is his opinion. Just for the record I hate political correctness. Trump is also an ego maniac what do you expect! Yet the whole country will stop and put all of its attention on Trump while there is much more important issues. Now what the social warrior does is becomes the social abuser, doing what once was thought as noble becomes intolerance towards intolerance. If you have to bash someone for a slip of the tongue or because you do not agree with someone’s twitter post or what someone says on Facebook we can lose sight of who we truly are allowing ego to win. The social abusers are just as quick to get the stake and gasoline and burn someone like Salem. The very thing you are trying to stop, you have become. I am sure I have been guilty of this I just wrote an article in reference to Mike Huckabee and his remarks on the border. Yet in all fairness I like Mike. We are not all going to agree on all social issues, but we can get along and enjoy humanities differences. Some people are so worried about offending someone that they never really get anything done. Let me remind you again we are human and have come a long way since the beginning of this country. And thank you social justice warriors! It was the social justice warriors that have paved the way to the place we are today. We live in a more tolerant and peaceful society- outside of the Middle East- than ever before. We have all have heard of the 1% a social status that I wouldn’t mind being in, I mean why the hate- because you’re not in the club? Put me in the 1% and you can say whatever you want about me. Yet the social justice abusers are like piranhas waiting for one to make the fatal slip into the lake. Look he or she is racist or a homophobe, they own a confederate flag, or I cannot believe they think Bruce Jenner is still a man, you get my point.  We love to take others words out of context for some morbid self-gratification. Yet that is the mindset of the modern social justice abusers if there is not something to fight about, by golly we will make something up.

So let us start being kind to one another, if we disagree try to reason with another in a respectful way. We are all a part of this human family who God loves. Granted I know that I have been guilty of this and will probably will be guilty in the future, yet I acknowledge my wrongs and wish to put an end to the social abuse. Remember that we are the bride of Christ, he loves his bride and has cleansed us. In his eyes we are all beautiful regardless of our faults. Next time you take aim at a person or group of people that have a different opinion than yours remember that you also have a different opinion than theirs, and both of us are not any more or less special.