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 A major difference between successful people and the 9-5ers is successful people do not spend much time complaining and maintain a positive optimistic attitude.  

This means just like you at the moment I work a “regular” job.  But, I am always looking for the come up. Always ready to jump on opportunity. Always ready to take risk and know I may not be rewarded. Always ready to work hard chassing my passions. Yes we do what we have to in order to put food on the table. But do not settle. 

Understand and know that something is on the way. Do not just sit by and think that success will never happen to me. How did those who have what you desire get there anyway?  Live with unshakeable faith, dream big, remain humble and when you make it, give back to the people.


Nate puts a interesting twist on the parable of the wedding feast.  Nate also talks about our mental health and gun control issues.

The writer of Hebrews states: “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses.” ~Hebrews 12:1
Sometimes I wonder what these witnesses think of us?  If you did not know these are the ones who have gone on before us.  They lived this life in these bodies, and are now glorified. 
I like to look at it as a pyramid, like one on the one dollar bill. It has four sides, north, east, south, and west.  At the bottom is us. Its hard for us to understand someone on the north side if we are on the south. It is such a great distance. An example is the different cultures, races, ethnicities, religions. At the bottom someone on the east must travel a great distance to understand the west.    
The intetesting thing is the higher up the pyramid you go the easier it is to understand each other. The distance from one another becomes shorter and shorter. 
At the top is the eye of God, this is also where these witnesses peer from heavenly windows. They are probably sad, at the same time understand how it once was to live at the bottom without understanding.
Today on this earth we may not be able to reach the eye of God. What we can do is let go of our divisive nature through prayer, meditation, and right action, moving higher up the “pyramid.”  By doing so you will be closer to your fellows who are different from you.  You will be able to start seeing not with human eyes but with eyes of God.   
Have a blessed and safe Holloween my friends. 

The Backyard Preacher

Rise and shine! Happy Monday my friends! Most of you resent that statement.  I completely understand, we are on our way to jobs we hate and wish it would be Friday all over again. I guess the first question is, why do you hate or despise your job? If it is that bad quit.
See I believe that we as a society should not have to work crap jobs and if we do we should strive to be the best we can. I believe it was Dr. King who said, “if you are a garbage man be the best garbage man you can be.”  As for me today I am going to perform customer service because that’s what I currently do.  I am blessed to have a job, I will try my best to give the best customer service possible.  
So again it is Monday, but that does not have to be a bad or depressing thing.
Alan Watts said:  “Nirvana is right where you are, provided that you don’t object to it.”

Don’t object to what is before you, be content and happy in your situation, it will not always be so bad.  In other words it could be worse.
The apostle Paul said: “I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” Philippians 4:11
Today be content, allow heaven to kiss your lips and the Spirit guide your feet. Today, if you choose, you are blessed!

Nate helps us to find heaven.  Not the heaven that one thinks of after we die, but the heaven Jesus talked most about.  The kingdom of heaven is now!  It is up to you to find the kingdom of God.  Because as Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is at hand!

As people probably see I am posting alot of motivational sayings. For several months I have been honestly wrecking myself. You might know I am The Backyard Preacher. My favorite line is “Stay Inspired God loves you.” I am being inspired again. Now I know we all go through rough times mental mountains and walls that you have to crush through. Well I am back on my grind. Goal oriented and motivated more than I have ever been in as long as I can remember. It was just 7 years ago I thought my life was over. I have accomplished so much in a short period of time. Now to many it may not seem like alot. But from jails, homeless shelters, and halfway houses. To employed, a bachelor’s and master’s degree. A house filled with more than I need and most importantly a mindset to succeed. 

I have been doing my podcast for 2 years now 113 episodes. It’s a failure, no one listens.  Then I listen to this guy on YouTube he produced hundreds of podcast nobody listened; but he didn’t give up. By the way now he is doing well.  I could have a 1000 episodes and no real listeners. I could just quit and say I am done. Yet the thing is, that the 1001 episode might have been the one that makes the podcast a major success. I would have quit 3 feet from the gold, and that is something I cannot do.

Blessings today my friends never give up!

This is the 100th episode of this podcast, and I will be honest it has been a complete failure.  With just a few downloads per episode I should just give up.  That is what I should do, it is not what I am going to do.  In my life I have been a failure, so I should give up there also.  Stop chasing my dreams and realize I am just a working stiff.  No, not going to do that either.  I encourage you to listen and be motivated.

Nate looks at Mark chapter 4 and what many look upon as a text relating to salvation Nate re examines the text and discovers that it is full of motivation.