The Backyard Preacher # 179 (Only You Exist)

You are looking at this because you created it.  Only you exist.  Everything in your life is a creation of your mind.  You are all alone.  The people in your life and your situation good or bad is of your own creation.  

Only You Exist

The Backyard Preacher Podcast #146 (I Will Never Give Up)

Nate loves to motivate people. Every so many episodes Nate focuses on bringing a motivational talk to his listeners. Nate talks about the power of the mind, body, and spirit, how these work together. Nate talks about how you can create your reality out of your desires. Listen and be blessed.

The Backyard Preacher Podcast #89 (Do Not Let “What Will They Think” Stop You.)

So many times we are held back by our minds because what we “Think Others Will Think of us.”  This is the great hindrance of many of our dreams and passions. Let Nate’s message help set you free with the power of the Spirit of God.