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Billions of galaxies containing trillions of stars with the certainty that life exist on one of those planets.  Or, maybe there is nothing, we are alone and forever will be.  Maybe we do not even exist at all. You the reader are my creation, or I am of yours.  Am I then the only one who exist?  Is everyone else is an illusion within the dream we call life?  Am I capable of all things?   When I read about God am I essentially reading about myself?  Am I God and I do not even know it?

You may be God, the creator of this “reality” and this blog post is just a glitch in the matrix hidden in the deepest regions of your subconscious and now you are thinking about life completely differently.  Are you in control of your own life?  Are other people dictating your every move because you do not take the power in which you have been granted?  Have you relinquished yourselves of your responsibility, this then may be your reminder to get back on track?  Life is funny like that.  I may not even exist, or I am all that exist.  No matter what we are it is very clear we do not understand, or we would use our Godlike qualities. 

Our perceived human race has constantly been at war with each other, killing, imprisoning, a constant spread of evil.  We are not the light of the world, we are the cancer.  A cancer that is spreading rapidly with no hope of treatment for we do not even realize that we are the cancer.  Cancer cells in our bodies multiply which causes destruction of the organs.  Humanity multiplies causing destruction to the planet and to other humans within this existence.  We do not realize that we are the other humans because there is no one else, there is only you, there is only me. 

  Whatever reality may be, it is so serious it becomes humorous.  The madness of life is caused by our own creation.  There is no outside influence that has not been created within.  All that is and all that ever will be is within you.  Self-sustained, all knowing, omni-present.  You have been me and I have been you, you have been everyone on earth and they have been you.  God has not created us in his image we have created him in ours.  We are existing in a state of amnesia it is time we awake to all that was lost and be all that there is. Amen.