The Backyard Preacher Podcast # 187 “Interfere With Fear”

The greatest enemy of success is fear.  It is time that you start interfering with your fear.  We get stuck in a trap that can only be evaded, and or broken out of through your decision to live life with courage without fear!  I know it is not easy I struggle with it daily but I am not going to stop and neither should you!

Interfere With Fear

The Backyard Preacher # 185″Fear Not”

Have no fear Nate is here.  I can’t save you but I can guide you to the edge of the cliff and allow you to choose to step off into either death or life based on your faith.  No harm will come to you no matter what you do.  You are the center of your solar system.  You are the maker of your reality.  You choose to fear or stand courage’s! Now decide.  

Fear Not

The Backyard Preacher Podcast #172 (The Motivational Series- Vision)

Nate continues with the 3rd part in the motivational series “Vision”  “Without a vision my people will perish.”  We need the instructions before we start building.  Listen and find out.  Stay inspired!

Nate continues with the 3rd part in the motivational series “Vision”  “Without a vision my people will perish.”  We need the instructions before we start building.  Listen and find out.  Stay inspired!


Billions of galaxies containing trillions of stars with the certainty that life exist on one of those planets.  Or, maybe there is nothing, we are alone and forever will be.  Maybe we do not even exist at all. You the reader are my creation, or I am of yours.  Am I then the only one who exist?  Is everyone else is an illusion within the dream we call life?  Am I capable of all things?   When I read about God am I essentially reading about myself?  Am I God and I do not even know it?

You may be God, the creator of this “reality” and this blog post is just a glitch in the matrix hidden in the deepest regions of your subconscious and now you are thinking about life completely differently.  Are you in control of your own life?  Are other people dictating your every move because you do not take the power in which you have been granted?  Have you relinquished yourselves of your responsibility, this then may be your reminder to get back on track?  Life is funny like that.  I may not even exist, or I am all that exist.  No matter what we are it is very clear we do not understand, or we would use our Godlike qualities. 

Our perceived human race has constantly been at war with each other, killing, imprisoning, a constant spread of evil.  We are not the light of the world, we are the cancer.  A cancer that is spreading rapidly with no hope of treatment for we do not even realize that we are the cancer.  Cancer cells in our bodies multiply which causes destruction of the organs.  Humanity multiplies causing destruction to the planet and to other humans within this existence.  We do not realize that we are the other humans because there is no one else, there is only you, there is only me. 

  Whatever reality may be, it is so serious it becomes humorous.  The madness of life is caused by our own creation.  There is no outside influence that has not been created within.  All that is and all that ever will be is within you.  Self-sustained, all knowing, omni-present.  You have been me and I have been you, you have been everyone on earth and they have been you.  God has not created us in his image we have created him in ours.  We are existing in a state of amnesia it is time we awake to all that was lost and be all that there is. Amen. 

Die Without Regrets

I recently read an article about regrets people have when they come to the end of their lives. I completely agree with the study’s conclusion. Most people regret not doing things that they wished they would have. The study shows that people do not regret finding a good job, raising a family, and paying their bills. These are what are expected of a good citizen. What is not expected so much is to write that book, earn that degree, travel to another country, apply for that job you believe you are not qualified for etc.

So if you are reading this you are more than capable of doing something before you die you may be afraid of doing. What if you married the wrong spouse? Or, maybe someone you wanted to be with did not marry you? Did you tell them? Maybe you should, or shouldn’t? I have heard that something’s are better left unsaid, but that could be complete bullshit if you are going to have regrets about it later.

We are often just scared and lazy. We could write that book. Write a page a day and in less than a year you will have completed something only people dream about. You could go back to school for a degree, with so many online options no one has an excuse. Yet there is the money that it will take. So what? Take out the loans and do it; especially if it is a master’s or doctorate. I am a current doctoral student and am in debt because of it; yet I would rather be in debt for a short while than die knowing I did not accomplish a desire of my heart.

Often people do not exactly obtain their childhood dream job. Some people do. I know how it is to be intimidated by job descriptions and not apply. I feel inadequate, and then I think to myself these people are no better than me, with enough practice I can do it. We get secure in our positions and then get mad at the guy with the large bank account. It is not his fault, it is yours. Go for it. I have a good job that I am happy with at the moment; I would not have it if I did not apply for it once get rejected then applied again and received an offer. You are your own boss never be intimidated.

There are countless examples that I could give. Getting in shape, learning martial arts, taking a painting class, buying a motorcycle; hell go to Colorado and get stoned if you never have before. Go shoot guns, date multiple people, give money to the poor and volunteer for the children. Buy the new car, build the new house, and move to California to take up surfing.

The reality is you are not intimidated by others; you are actually intimidated of yourself. Self-doubt equals failure. Fear not and live a life of no regrets!

Nate Sprott

In the Beginning; You!

            In the beginning; you!  “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1, NIV).  “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1, NIV).  Dare I say again, in the beginning; you.  You have been with God and you are of God, you were amongst the creation of the heavens and the earth.  This is a truly beautiful and powerful statement if you take into consideration what this means for your identity.

            With so much going on in the world it is easy to get become mentally overwhelmed.  It’s easy to lose sight of our spirituality.  We see divided lines that separate us by religion and even within our own religions often even deeper trenches of division.  We can easily forget who we are in the universe.  This lack of identity is the cause of much of the negativity that is taking place in the world.

            We do not have to try to understand God, we are God.  It is our birthright.  The angels have looked upon us with envy.  We are given the keys to the kingdom, but often have forgotten how to use them.  Taking hold of our birthright, waking up as Christ on earth is the ultimate in self-realization.  This will also take an extraordinary amount of faith.


            Faith is the power of the universe; it is the action that creates.  Faith declares what exist before manifestation. “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see,” (Hebrews 11:1, NIV).  “The God who gives life to death and calls into being things that was not.” (Romans 4:17, NIV).  These are powerful verses of the creating power of God; your creating power.  You are only limited by your doubt.


            What is then the beginning if there is no end? There is then beginning and only landmarks that light the path of eternity.  You are this, and this is you.  We are often blinded by the constantly growing scales of doubt and deception.  It is not easy being assigned to live within these bodies; we long for our redemption.  Yet as a fresh seed planted must go through the stages until death in order to be rebirthed to greater life.  Hold to the faith; create a life for the benefit of others, and accept no limitations.



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Why do I feel unfulfilled?

Trying to fill the absent feeling? Most of us go through times in which we feel empty inside; that everything is meaningless.  We think about the mistakes we made, we wish somehow to force ourselves into the prime example of what we feel is a pinnacle life.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  Can we use these feelings to create a catalyst for happier days?

We do this to ourselves because we lack acceptance.  It honestly is that simple.  If you can accept who you are, your situation, and understand that it is very improbable to instantly become the person in your dreams, you are then on the steps to mental health success.  Acceptance does not have to mean settling.  In fact acceptance is a starting point for growth.  Acceptance allows your mind to grasp what is going on, right now.  When we flood our brains with wants and desires before we can figure out ourselves we become depressed.  We then become empty.


Acknowledging our positon in life as it currently is.  Deciding that, I am ok with who I am today.  This can bring about change.  A free mind without “wants” is a mind not wanting.  When you say you want something or wish you were someone else you then are nothing but wants and wishes and what are wants and wishes?  They are always going to be unfulfilled.  You have a good chance at achieving your dreams, becoming who you want to be; yet even if you are to make it to the land of milk and honey, without knowing yourself you will still be lost.  The ancient sages proclaimed “know thyself.”  The first step to knowing yourself is to realize that you know nothing.  Admit this and you can receive anything.

Finding the Source

Getting ahead in life involves hard work. Nothing is just given to you; although it may seem that way when scanning the spectrum of the haves verses the have nots. The ability to interpret opportunity is essential. Everyone experiences opportunity the difference is those who take advantage of the opportunity or not. I have known many people who are happy in their life situation and do not care about finding greater material success because they already have what they want. Being happy is not about material possessions or someone to share life with; being happy is being at peace with yourself. This could be living in a million-dollar mansion or working for just above minimum wage. This is where the axiom of “money does not buy happiness” comes from.

Who is Happier?

Who then is happier Is the secret found within? The differences in the definition of what is success, prosperity, and happiness in my opinion does have a singularity of sorts. This is the same for those who we consider wealthy and those who we consider poor. Then there are what others consider of us, and how we consider ourselves. When we have come to a place in our lives in which we understand ourselves we may say like Jesus, “I and the Father are one.” While it is beneficial to look for opportunity its interpretation is subjective. I personally have met people who seem to have the greatest freedoms living in homeless shelters. They have no bills, no job, they are unplugged from the matrix. They are not being held down by the “man” Babylon has no grip and their soul, freedom shines through their exterior.

Rich or poor each has taken or declined opportunity and those decisions have shaped their lives. Through a serious of initiations, each one of us has made choices which will affect our lives. Being honest, fearlessly walking through the rite of passage in order to grow. We must examine ourselves in the mirror, we will see things we do not like. People often stay blinded because they fear to look. If you do not know who you are, then you certainly cannot know what opportunities you should take.

Looking into the mirror. 

Starring at ourselves in the mirror we see a duality. Separation of self which grinds like tectonics plates during an earthquake. We cannot interpret opportunity when we live a life divided and do not even know it. We must be the hero, we must not be afraid. Those who have everything material along with happiness have became the hero in their lives. Just as those who are living with next to nothing yet have internal peace are brave warriors not afraid to examine themselves and accept who they are.
This does not mean that the person with nothing must remain with nothing. This person has chosen this of their free will. Just as someone who is seeking wealth must accept that there is responsibility in having much. In my opinion it is more difficult to be wealthy and happy.

Whatever your position my hope is that you are always raising the bar, that you are always seeking opportunity. When you find the opportunity make decisions to achieve your goals. Opportunity will be found, it is what you do with it. Believe it, achieve it, and do not forget it!



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Sobriety Sucks! The Human Need to Spread Disease.

            Sobriety sucks!  Even the great apostle Paul understood this fact.  “Do not be drunk with wine which leads to debauchery.  Instead, be filled with the Holy Spirit.” (Ephesians 5:18, NIV).  Sobriety in the sense of not being intoxicated through excess of alcohol etc. is a good thing.  Trying to be abstinent from everything that gives us pleasure is dumb and sucks.  So forget sobriety.  Listen; basically humans are cancers on the earth.  From the day we are born we start the clock until death and it is filled in between with suffering.  To live is to suffer and vice versa.  The Spirit of God is our comforter and through faith, prayer, medication, visualizations of divine bliss we can negate the suffering a bit on our way to death.  I know it sounds morbid; but it is true.


            Here are some “sober” activities.  Motorcycles, videogames, exercise, reading, hunting, and fishing; these activities require no outside substance but will release endorphins into your body.  What are endorphins?  Endorphins are a naturally produced chemical secreted by the brain during various activities that give the person a sense of pleasure.  Endorphins are also pain and inflammation reducers this chemical is similar to a natural opiate.   So when you are thinking that your goal is to be sober but you love the way you feel after a nice run; wrong you’re an addict.  We all are; it is impossible to be human and not be.  Literally are own brains know that living on this earth sucks by God’s grace we can tap into a natural free source of drugs in order to help balance out.  If for whatever reason we were unable to get high we would probably be considered depressed and suicidal and not realize it.


            Other activities that involve drugs which people who think they are sober condone include but not limited to; caffeine, sugar, nicotine, basically most food.  I suppose you could live on vegetables and water without any physical activity your chances of a long life are slim.  Essentially what this concludes to, is we live an existence that without intoxicating activity we will die.  The human spirit trapped in these monkey suites must stay high to stay alive.  Now I understand that this does not mean that we need to get drunk, snort coke, gamble away our life savings and put needles into our arms.  This also goes for eating ourselves into oblivion, drink ungodly amounts of soda, and smoking cigarettes like a chimney.   Smoking cigarettes and eating unhealthy amounts of food are perfectly fine in the communities of people who are abstaining from our traditional drugs and alcohol.  Many people just replace one drug with another and that is ok as long as you can be more responsible with one more than the other.  Essentially sobriety is not good for you.  As a human being trapped on this godforsaken planet please stay intoxicated!  I do not blame people for abusing substances, they are dangerous but so is the existence we live in.  So what the heck is my argument?


            I am saying that there is no such thing as 100% sobriety in its truest form.  There is sobriety from certain substances; that is a good thing.  I know that this is a fatalistic way of thinking, but there is really know other way of thinking about it.  We grow up going to school to get a job, and then work so that we can have a few toys and die; and that is if you are lucky.  Human beings are a cancer to the earth and until we evolve in our spirituality we will continue to be plagues upon the earth with are life sucking, addicted ways.  But I get it; we all need something because being sober sucks!