The Backyard Preacher # 182 (The Answer to Everything is, You Just Being You.)

Yes, Just be you!  We do not have to fight over everything if we are willing to reason together.  I use to get angry and outraged but have calmed down a lot after I realized that life is not that serious.  Have fun, be king, accept other people, don’t be a jerk and let love win!

TBP # 182


Finding the Source

Getting ahead in life involves hard work. Nothing is just given to you; although it may seem that way when scanning the spectrum of the haves verses the have nots. The ability to interpret opportunity is essential. Everyone experiences opportunity the difference is those who take advantage of the opportunity or not. I have known many people who are happy in their life situation and do not care about finding greater material success because they already have what they want. Being happy is not about material possessions or someone to share life with; being happy is being at peace with yourself. This could be living in a million-dollar mansion or working for just above minimum wage. This is where the axiom of “money does not buy happiness” comes from.

Who is Happier?

Who then is happier Is the secret found within? The differences in the definition of what is success, prosperity, and happiness in my opinion does have a singularity of sorts. This is the same for those who we consider wealthy and those who we consider poor. Then there are what others consider of us, and how we consider ourselves. When we have come to a place in our lives in which we understand ourselves we may say like Jesus, “I and the Father are one.” While it is beneficial to look for opportunity its interpretation is subjective. I personally have met people who seem to have the greatest freedoms living in homeless shelters. They have no bills, no job, they are unplugged from the matrix. They are not being held down by the “man” Babylon has no grip and their soul, freedom shines through their exterior.

Rich or poor each has taken or declined opportunity and those decisions have shaped their lives. Through a serious of initiations, each one of us has made choices which will affect our lives. Being honest, fearlessly walking through the rite of passage in order to grow. We must examine ourselves in the mirror, we will see things we do not like. People often stay blinded because they fear to look. If you do not know who you are, then you certainly cannot know what opportunities you should take.

Looking into the mirror. 

Starring at ourselves in the mirror we see a duality. Separation of self which grinds like tectonics plates during an earthquake. We cannot interpret opportunity when we live a life divided and do not even know it. We must be the hero, we must not be afraid. Those who have everything material along with happiness have became the hero in their lives. Just as those who are living with next to nothing yet have internal peace are brave warriors not afraid to examine themselves and accept who they are.
This does not mean that the person with nothing must remain with nothing. This person has chosen this of their free will. Just as someone who is seeking wealth must accept that there is responsibility in having much. In my opinion it is more difficult to be wealthy and happy.

Whatever your position my hope is that you are always raising the bar, that you are always seeking opportunity. When you find the opportunity make decisions to achieve your goals. Opportunity will be found, it is what you do with it. Believe it, achieve it, and do not forget it!



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