Is Religion Dangerous?

Is religion dangerous? My answer is no; but also a resounding YES. First at the heart of all religious systems the intent is to journey from the profane to the divine. One would think this would be a wonderful human development of seeking a higher power for the good of humanity. The higher power may be on the outside such as a God or God’s, or the divine is finding ones higher self. Religions of the world vastly differ on how one takes this path.

The varying religious paths prescribed towards divinity shows the beauty of diverse cultures. Religion becomes a danger when one religion demands that they are correct and others are not. Secondly the adherents of the religion feels it is their duty to God to impose doctrine by force.

Two religions have been known to cause the greatest amount of danger to humanity. That is Christianity and Islam. People of these faiths have killed and suppressed nations. Subjected mass amount of anguish upon differing beliefs with laws suppressing the rights of non adherents.

Why, it has not always been this way? Yet even very early in Christianity’s history fights over correct doctrine took place. When Rome saw the opportunity to use Christianity as a way to help control and unite the empire the Roman Catholic church became the enforcer of God and king within Europe.

War was waged against Islam the fairly young religion that was sweeping the middle east by force. A fight that is still in place today. All of this stems because religions such as Christianity and Islam are absolute in their doctrines and pathways to God.

In our modern world religion is used in American politics such as the election of Donald Trump. Yet this is not new. Kings would often claim they ruled by divine right and who can argue with God?

My proposal for religion especially that of Christianity which I am apart of, is the elimination of dogma and doctrine. A true freedom of religion that I pray also on Islam. Let each person be his own pope. Let each person decide the best path within their chosen faith. Let each person develop a path to the divine based on their own understanding of their faith. A faith that all is permitted under love.

In my heart this is what Jesus taught.


The Backyard Preacher #70

Nate talks about the first days of a Trump Presidency.  While he does not like Trump Nate encourages us to pray for the President.  Nate uses the text found in Mark 7:31-37 as an example of how we should reach out to God to have our ears opened in order for us to speak righteousness.  Let us do like the people of Decapolis, let us bring Trump to the throne room of God, allowing God to open his eyes and ears for the sake of the country.

The Backyard Preacher Podcast #68

It’s interesting to note some sects of the early church who broke away from Catholicism hundreds of years before Martin Luther would meet together all as initiated brothers and sisters in Christ. (Confession, and Baptism) Yet these Christians did not have set Bishops, priest, or prophets etc.. Instead each gathering they cast lots to decide the hierarchy for the appointed meeting. What an amazing group of Christians all dedicated enough to take on each office when called upon by the Church. The Spirit gives us the ability to live serving one another in any capacity that needs met. Yet many church Fathers such as Tertullian thought their actions foolish that they would allow anyone into their meetings, be all accepting and loving, following the Spirit. There was no need for a cult of personality, or a single leader as all were leaders, all suffered the cause of being selected to hierarchy. What if we could live this out today? What do you think?

The Backyard Preacher Podcast #63

Nate in his final episode about his journey out of fundamental Christianity talks about how it all took place, and why he is at, where he is at now.  Maybe you will be able to relate in some way in order to find yourself?  Maybe like Nate there was a weight on your shoulders, if so listen and enjoy.