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Nate examines the doctrine of suffering. Suffering has been something that has caused people to question their faith since Jesus walked the earth. Listen up and learn something!


In the beginning was the word (John 1:1). This word of God spoke all life and matter into existence. This word spoke our lives into existence; the very Spirit of God breathed into us creating beings like God within human bodies. It is only within reason since we have been given the power to speak life or death that we may use this ability to speak what we wish into ourselves.

We have two minds, our subconscious mind and our conscious mind. Our conscious mind is the profane mind, the mind which is concerned with our daily life. Our subconscious mind is the mind of our true self which is buried under the human flesh, but this mind is in constant contact with the creator. In our current state within our bodies our subconscious mind will listen to our conscious mind. This takes place through our thoughts. If you tell yourself that you are a failure then your subconscious mind will believe it, and essentially you are welcoming failure upon yourself. If you tell yourself that you are successful, then your subconscious mind does not know the difference and you will find yourself in opportunities for success. This is because the subconscious is in constant contact with God, your very thoughts prayers.

Through the power of your subconscious mind you can choose to have the universe push you towards failure or success. If you desire health, wealth, love, peace, you can have God start to bring it into existence. Likewise you can build yourself a world of sickness, poverty, hate, and discord. It is up to you how you wish too program your subconscious mind.

Be very careful of your words. You are a creator, and you are constantly creating the world around you as you speak it into existence. Understand that the words you speak reflect your heart and bring about reality. With words you are bound, and with words you are set free.

Speak life, love, peace, joy, wealth, and all the pleasures which you desire. The number one reason people fail is lack of faith. It is just so difficult for the majority of humans to understand that this is true. In return they never taste the fruits of the Spirit and remain profane. Today take some time and tell yourself.

I am full of life.
I am full of peace.
I am full of joy.
I am full of health.
I am wealthy beyond my desires.
Speak into yourself wholeness and become whole. This is what it is to be Holy.

The great mystery of faith is broken down and explained. Nate examines several Biblical text to bring about a solid foundation you can stand on. Be motivated inspired and blessed! God loves you!

Faith is never blind as many often think of religion. Faith is not irrational self-confidence or that which is in the possession of gullible followers of every celebrity within a religion. Those who follow a false faith, a faith as weak as leaves blown in the wind following anything and everything that feeds the emotions. Let me digress faith no doubt is self-confidence. That said, it is a self-confidence that is only attained when self is eliminated in the abyss, the mind of God, the place in which all things become everything and everything nothing. Yes this is where faith is found. Blind faith, is not faith at all. Faith is a gift in which no one can conjure. It is granted to us by God. A miracle, who can eliminate the self? Who can possess the self-confidence needed for such elimination. None can claim such a feat, and in this is the mystery.

It is so good to be back!  Nate gives an interesting message on faith while giving some opinion on the current political environment along with; what people do want to hear and what they do not.

In this episode of the Backyard Preacher Podcast Nate examines faith and works.  James says faith without works is dead.  Yet what are these works?  Is it right action?  Religious ritual?  Loving your neighbor?  These are all great, but we humans will always come up short.  The fact is we cannot please God through right action.  Being a “good” person; Jesus himself said “who is good?”  The problem is many of us try to please God through right action that we become infatuated with our religious belief, rituals, and deeds it creates a type of religious OCD.

James says faith without works is dead. Yet what are these works? Is it right action? Religious ritual? Loving your neighbor? These are great, but in my understanding the human will always come up short. The fact is we cannot please God through right action. Being a “good” person; Jesus himself said “who is good?” Our problem is many of us strife so hard to please God through our actions, in life we become infatuated with our religious beliefs, ritual, deeds, it creates a religious OCD.  It causes anxiety, depression, and endless pushing of the rock up the hill only to have it fall back down on you. We place ourselves in our own form of purgatory trying to please God. Faith without works is dead, but what are these works? Trust, to trust in God as Abraham. Only faith can please God, the action of faith is trust. Let’s face it, many of us say we trust in God yet to be honest most things we have in life are created by our own hands. We get the job, the loan, and everything else that works out in life then we give praise to God.  When it doesn’t we say we are suffering with Christ or come up with any excuse to ease our spiritual suffering and disappointment. Trusting God is probably the hardest thing we can do as Christians, yet it is easier then trying to live our definition of morality. Trusting God does not require pushing the stone up the hill only to get rolled over, it involves knowing that God is, and we are not. A acknowledgement that everything will be okay regardless of the outcome because our trust, our hope, our faith is in God. This trust can motivate us, inspire us to great actions without the feelings of unworthiness. God did not create garbage, he created beautiful people which he knows can never meet our self- created standards. So today be kind to yourself, stay inspired. Love yourself, this will help you love others. Remember God loves you not for your works but just because you are his children. God bless and have a great day!

Be Kind-Stay Inspired

Nate takes a look at Mark 11:12-25.  He discusses how we rob God and are also lacking in faith.  Take a fun fascinating backyard trip through this common scripture.

Life is hard.  This is an obvious statement.  With faith in our Lord it can be a little easier, or maybe even a little harder depending our you define it.  In either case faith and the acceptance of your self as a loved human being can be one of our greatest struggles.  Nate talks about this and more on this episode of The Backyard Preacher Podcast.

“Owe no one nothing but to love one another.”  During this divisive time we must look to the scriptures to see how we as Christians should act during a Trump Administration.  Nate will discuss Romans chapter 13, allowing us to deal with the upcoming crisis.