The Backyard Preacher # 184 “Just Laugh About It.”

We are way, way too serious! I have been there also.  I have since just not given a crap about much.  It dose not mean I do not love and pray for justice and peace.  It just means I am not letting it get to me.  I have found through comedy that I have become a little less sensitive and much more mentally clear.  

Just Laugh About It

The Backyard Preacher # 182 (The Answer to Everything is, You Just Being You.)

Yes, Just be you!  We do not have to fight over everything if we are willing to reason together.  I use to get angry and outraged but have calmed down a lot after I realized that life is not that serious.  Have fun, be king, accept other people, don’t be a jerk and let love win!

TBP # 182

The Backyard Preacher Podcast # 155 (It is all a lie)

Nate does it again. It is all a lie. We cannot tell the truth from reality in this life that could be more illusion than real.


The Backyard Preacher Podcast #154 (Distorted)

Nate takes you once again off the beaten path of traditional Christianity into what some would call the heretic of the century. Please it is not that serious but do not get it distorted.


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