The Backyard Preacher Podcast #150 (Just Do It)

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Nate talks NIKE, Kaepernick, and Elon Musk. I think that is enough, Just listen!


A Conversation Worth Having.

I am as tired as anyone else about the world ending because they put a black man who knelt in respectful protest to the flag. I mean, I guess I do not get it. He never was disrespectful to the flag, or country. To say we don’t have real issues that need to be addressed is a lie. We can as a society do better. The justice system is whack. I know police target blacks I have heard it from a former cop that they do. Most inmates in the largest prison population in the world are black. Who has that prison population, yes, the U.S. of A. Greater population than Russia and China combined.

Now I am white and I am not saying white people don’t go through struggles, get killed by cops, or end up in prison. But generally it’s the black kid with the cell phone that was supposedly a gun that ends up on the news. If you drive through impoverished areas in most cities, who lives there? Black people, and why? These are real issues and Kaepernick used his platform to start a conversation that we are all having.

The funny thing is, I have not seen or heard of one black person protesting Kaepernick or Nike. I am sure they exist, but it seems to be all white people. I am white and know a bit about white privilege. I have been given more chances by the justice system than I deserve. I have never been harassed by the police, or asked for ID, or unlawfully searched. I also never grew up in poverty. Now I know a lot of white people have. I am just speaking for myself.

Can we at least just understand, maybe think about the message instead of being so critical. I know they could have put other athletes in the advertisement, but they didn’t, and maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe we need to be having this conversation.

The Backyard Preacher #102 (End the Hate)

In the wake of the Charlottesville, VA tragedy Nate takes a look at the hate behind why white people do what they do in this country.

This Veteran is not Offended by Colin Kaepernick.


This veteran is not offended by Colin Kaepernick sitting during the national anthem. First of all it is his right to sit if he chooses. This is not North Korea, we do not have to bow before the “dear leader.” Colin has some legitimate points when it comes to the way minorities have been treated and are being treated in this country. Minorities in the United States were brought over in chains forced into labor and only 150 years ago officially were given freedom. That being said the rampant racism continued horrifically for decades. Now it is a candy coated sort of racism which can be seen in many Evangelical white Trump supporters. The blatant institutional racism within law enforcement, prisons filled with primarily minorities, and segregation of minorities who in most cities live in impoverished neighborhoods, and whites living in the suburbs. I am surprised he is the only one that wants to sit down! We can also look towards what else is going on in America that the government (we the people) allow. Banks own us no matter what your color from the cradle to the grave, you are forced to work at jobs that suck, and the jobs wouldn’t be so bad if employers paid employees what they are worth. You know who really disrespects the flag (we the people), companies who sends their jobs overseas! They spit on us by paying us crap, all while making billions from slave labor in foreign lands. This has created a new form of slavery. People who work from paycheck to paycheck have essentially become the new slaves of the 21st century. They provide cheap labor making the plantation owners rich, and are given just enough so they keep coming back. The thing is we have serious problems in the United States, the ones mentioned just scratch the surface. I have always been one to respect the flag, stand at attention during the anthem, and think of our men and women in uniform. I was once one of them. For five years I wore the flag, yet in reality I was just a number. I was blessed I didn’t have to fight in the Middle East but many of my brothers and sisters did, and for what? Some politician’s agenda? It certainly wasn’t for freedom! Every conflict since WW2 has been over some political agenda, we use our men and women in uniform like cattle; I guess that’s because it is what we are. So no, I am not offended by Colin, maybe we all need to take a seat and figure out what is really going on! It is okay to re-evaluate the situation, the founding fathers were all about it. They just didn’t salute the British flag they put a musket to it. I am not condoning violence but I do think that peaceful demonstrations such as Colin’s shouldn’t be looked at as a national disgrace. In fact Colin may be more patriotic than most of us.