The Backyard Preacher Podcast # 165 (The Green New Deal: A Common Sense Approach)

The Green New Deal is making some noise lately and I want to weigh in on it.  At this point I believe that it is one of the greatest set of ideas that has ever been formed next to freedom of speech.  

The Green New Deal is making some noise lately and I want to weigh in on it.  At this point I believe that it is one of the greatest set of ideas that has ever been formed next to freedom of speech.

The Backyard Preacher Podcast # 162 (Masculinity)

Nate talks about masculinity in regards to the Gillette commercial.  What is masculinity?  What kind of actions are manly?  Nate talks about this and more.  

TBP # 162 Masculinity

The Backyard Preacher Podcast # 161 W.W.J.D. -Corporations

Probably without a doubt the most evil entities in the world.  They rip you off two ways. 1. How little they pay you. 2. How much they charge for services.  We are all at the mercy of corporations.  So what would Jesus do?

TBP # 161 W.W.J.D. Corporations

The Backyard Preacher # 160 W.W.J.D. – Abortion

Nate continues with his W.W.J.D. series.  Nate takes on probably the most controversial subject in all of Christendom; that would be abortion.  What would Jesus do when faced with abortion?    

The Backyard Preacher # 160 W.W.J.D. – Abortion

The Backyard Preacher Podcast # 158

Nate is using the classic 90’s “What would Jesus Do” For the next few podcast.  In this episode Nate talks about borders, an issue of hot debate and an issue that is currently keeping the United States Government shutdown.  Listen up and prepare to be offended!

The Backyard Preacher Podcast # 158 “W.W.J.D. Borders”

Shut Them Down!

I read more news than I watch. I read an article that was disturbing but was completely believable Read: How to Avoid the Health Risks That Come With Financial Stress. We literally work ourselves into an early grave. I do not have to explain the reasons why we worry over money. I am just as guilty as anyone else. It is unfortunate however that we as a society have allowed money to have so much power.

The banks are the power of the world or as the apostle Paul speaks of Satan; “The ruler of the kingdom of the air, the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient.” (Ephesians 2:2, NIV). The banking system is an evil we all live in disobedience with, like a harlot, we all use banking services. They have us trapped. The banks are our gods and the governments our slave masters. Think about this, the world is in debt $164 Trillion dollars. That does not even make sense! Why be in debt to ourselves? We have allowed corporations to give us “jobs” so we can pay back interest on money that they do not even possess. The banks are then defended by government thugs. This process is done legally in part through fractional-reserve banking.

If we all just stopped being afraid. Well, first we would have better mental and physical health. It feels as if we are the ancient Israelites who were fearful of entering the promise land. After 40 years of fear Joshua takes command of his people with a powerful exhortation we would be wise to listen to today. “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9, NIV).

I admit I am just as afraid, but we the people have the power. We could grind the corrupt system to a halt; all we would have to do is stay home. No more work just so we can eat all while those that do not feast from our labors. We would shut them down. That $164 trillion they say we owe; gone. We could raid on their parade with such veracity it would be like the Israelites marching around Jericho, we would tear the walls down. While this is taking place we would share with one another. No one would go hungry or be lacking. All of our combined skills would give us ample ability to then restructure society without Satan’s banks and governments.

So encourage you today. Do not be fearful of your financial situation. The world is yours, as it is ours, we own all things, and all things are owned by us. There is a promise for us that we can find through the teachings of great spiritual leaders like Jesus. We have been called to be visionaries and revolutionaries. What you have in your bank account does not define you and what they take away from you, is not really you. Share this message with your family and friends and if we all band together we can shut their system down.



IT HAPPENED AGAIN: This is what Mario Murillo states in is article loathing the fact that “millions of Spirit-filled Christians voted for the Democratic party.”  Oh no!  We are going to reap God’s judgment now!  The silliness of the Evangelical church does not stop!  Murillo is one of its clowns leading a three ring circus of fear.  I want break down his article; but first I want to let you know why I am writing this.  I am not against Murillo; I am against the division this type of rhetoric creates.  Basically it is implied that Republicans are the party of God and Democrats the party of Satan.  Of course it is the same issue, abortion; and well add in some sex to spice it up.  Evangelicals seem to be more fascinated with sex than a teenager.


              I am not accusing Murillo of being a racist as he assumes some people may think; I truly understand why he believes the way he does. I can understand this type of Christianity because I once possessed similar theology.  Murillo is disappointed in the African American church in which he claims 90% voted for the Democratic Party.  I am sure he used sound research to come up with that statistic.  Before that statement he seems offended by a quote which states “White men are the biggest terror threat.” Well it is true.  The white race has caused more terrorism in the United States than any other to date.  He writes in horror that “We are left with the inescapable conclusion that born-again and Spirit-filled Christians in large numbers voted for the Democratic Party.” Oh no! Not the Democratic Party!  The Party that desires to expand healthcare, raise the minimum wage, protect the rights of minorities, and just be nice people to each other.  We do not need to change religious beliefs Murillo, we need to get our hermeneutics correct; or at least try.  I think love would fall into a good category to start.


              But of course I hate the babies because I support democrats; how can I be a Christian and vote pro-? Life, death, I do not know; can we just stop! We could be more of a church if we decided to let go of our theological egos.  Can we ever admit that even the most adept theologian cannot explain “clearly” verses in the Bible?  As ministers we try by God’s grace.  Claiming absolute knowledge is lying to the people who trust us.


            Murillo claims that, “A vote is not a statement just of what you are against but also what you are for.” Well if that was the case we never would vote.  We cannot be for and or against everything a politician or a Party is for.  His claim makes no sense.  And here we go Psalms 138:13 we can spin verses however you want, let me assure you none of them are clear. “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” The Psalmist seems to be expounding on his desire to be in God’s presence from beginning to end, to be delighted in the Lord, to allow the Lord to search him and be united to him.  I really do not think that David understood biology or medical science very well.  But maybe; who knows?  Regardless I am not a fan of abortion; who is?  It is a serious event in a woman’s life that can be forever life altering.  As a Christian I would never counsel anyone to have an abortion, and I would never judge a woman who has.  It is not my place, my places to love not legislate morality.  We do not know what put that woman in that place.  We cannot understand her pain.  Further if you want to play by Murillo’s rules by voting Republican you are voting to keep in place policies that create catalyst for abortions.  Poverty being a major catalyst; but who cares about the poor as Jesus said, “They will always be with us.”  See, I can spin verses like records.


             Murillo states, “Have you ever wondered why Planned Parenthood fights so hard to convince a fetus is not a person? Even they know, if a fetus is indeed a person abortion is taking a human life.”  No, Mario I did not, and you did not give us your opinion either.  I am assuming because you think that Planned Parenthood is some demonic entity that is bent on killing as many unborn babies as possible.  I am sure you think that they have a production goal that they must reach.  You, and Evangelicals like you are what is dividing the church.  I can agree with you on some points.  I do not think that abortions should be celebrated, life is precious; all life.  We do not however know when a fetus is ensouled. We don’t and we probably never will.  To believe, at the time of conception is just a guess.



            You state that some Democrats believe that the Bible can be hateful.  Yes, it can be hateful.  The KKK, the Confederate Army, and slave owners defended their actions with Bible verses.  You say that we should not leave Jesus out of the voting booth, I agree.  The fact is the majority of the Republicans platforms are anti-Christ.  You are right, we are seeing damage done by Christians the problem is it is coming from you; not the people you are pointing fingers at.

Please share: and be sure to check out Mario Murillo and read his article “IT HAPPENED AGAIN”





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Takeaway from the Mid-Term Elections


           As I get older I am told I am supposed to care more about the serious issues in the country.  Well, Michigan did legalize recreational cannabis and that is not extremely far drive for this Iowa resident.  Looks like trips to Michigan are in the future!  Anyway, see I am almost 39 years old, I should be serious about who I vote for.  Sadly the older and wiser or crazier I get, the less it seems to matter.  I posted on Facebook yesterday that I did not really care that I would much rather jump into the abyss and become one with the Universe.  With all of that said, this is my take away from the mid-term elections.


            The Democrats regained control of the House, the Senate is firmly in the hands of the Republicans and well the white house is still occupied by a white man.  From the looks of things the feel of a country divided present.  In fact a greater divide may stir as the Democrats can now use their newly restored powers to attack the president.  One thing I hate to see is the division that has taken place.  Also, I am always amused at the Evangelical vote.  I am what many would describe as a progressive liberal evangelical; if that makes any sense at all.  I look upon people I call my brothers and sisters in Christ with curiosity.

            I am sure there were many churches gathered together and people at home in prayer over the election as if it was a fight between good and evil; as if God really cares about who us silly humans elect into office.  Of course most Evangelicals side with “conservative” candidates and many vote based on the “pro-life” movement which is a political scam.


            Don’t get me wrong I support freedom.  That is why I am a progressive liberal Christian.  I do not think that people should be burdened with laws pertaining to personal morality; rather we need laws that protect the rights of people as humans.  I am all about freedom; dangerously close to Libertarian.  I think that deep down many Evangelicals feel the same way but, in my experience many live in fear of who they vote for and support, as my grandmother use to say, “We will have to answer for the things I have done before God.”  Well, if Jesus died for my sins why would I answer to anyone?

            Fear motivates people.  Fear especially motivates most Christians.  Politicians have been using the Bible and the fear of hellfire to get them elected and or rule over people for a long time.  Perfect love cast out all fear.  Rest in the Lord.  Be at peace in your heart.  Sit back, mediate, pray, sip on some coffee and realize everything is okay.  While much of politics is trivial and entertaining and good material to write about; some issues are important as Christians.  I believe Christians need to focus on what will help people live the best life possible.


            We need to stop voting just on the abortion debate. I have written many times that I do not favor abortions but I am not the one that conducts them, and I am not the woman having one done.  If there is any judgement it is reserved for them not anyone else.  Each person has to live with their own actions.  While I would like to see abortion eliminated, I understand that the culture we live in does not do anything to help the issue.  Here though are the issues that would.




            The minimum wage; essentially we encourage modern slavery by allowing companies extreme profits from labor.  Healthcare, should we not provide each other healthcare no matter what?  Why should healing someone cost money?  While the LGBT community has gained much ground in their fight for basic rights, as Christians we need to become more inclusive and understanding of people who may have different lifestyles. We must also be inclusive in our places of worship. Being gay is not a sin!  The justice system needs a complete makeover.  It is time to not be the country with the greatest prison population.  That is nothing to be proud of.  We can start by eliminating racism from the justice system; easier said than done.

            Ok, so I got a little more serious than I said I would.  Yet I think we can all take a missions trip to Michigan this summer and talk over bong hits about these matters and try to understand what we are all about as Christians.  Christianity is not a political party; it is a way of life.



Progressive Christianity; A Christianity for All People.


            Progressive Christians ARE Christians, we are not a sub group of Christianity, rather we feel we have found a flavor of Christianity that Jesus would best be associated with. We are Christians who preach the gospel of love and salvation from self.  A message of love, a desire for peace and tolerance to all people; this is a general description of what progressive Christianity is about.  This is counter to many in the conservative evangelical world who hold to strict theological doctrines and dogmas in fear of hellfire and brimstone.  Progressive Christianity does not embrace fear. As the scripture states “perfect love cast out all fear.” (1 John 4:18).  In many ways our flavor of Christianity can bring many together in unity around the simple idea of love.


            It is time to forget about your mother’s Christianity and step into the new age.  I am speaking primarily of hardcore fundamentalism.  When I was growing up it was all about hellfire and brimstone and salvation of souls.  I was so scared half the time that I think I was “saved” every Sunday.  You do not need to be a theologian of any status to understand that this is not what Jesus wanted.  Bringing people into the church by way of fear is no better than putting a knife to ones throat and telling them “convert or die.”  Who wants to enter heaven under compulsion?  Would you really be entering heaven? Jesus spoke of the Kingdom of Heaven being within our mist.  Yes, Jesus did also speak of hellfire, sin, and evil; yet humanity has overemphasized the darkness and forgot the light.


            Progressive Christians are often very political and lean towards liberalism.  This is often due to our stance on love and inclusiveness.  We do not want to compete for ownership of the church; we just want to be the church.  Conservative Christians are generally republicans who vote primarily for the “pro-life” candidates even if the candidate drops bombs on refugees and sends men and women to die for self-interest.  They may not always admit it, but generally their churches are primarily white, anti-LGBT, nationalist, who would rather have a theocracy instead of freedom.  Progressive Christians are “pro-choice” although that is misleading as well.  Abortion is not a laughing matter and we take it very seriously.  We support the LGBT community and often our most senior leaders are members of this community.  Many of us believe in workers’ rights, universal healthcare, and tax payer funded education; that a person working a full time job should earn a living wage with enough for leisure.  We do not believe in a water downed gospel; instead we hold to the gospel of Jesus, understanding we are all on a journey of faith that cannot be outlined and fit into a box.  We are looked upon as liberal because our faith compels us to be like Jesus.  God is a globalist and loves all people.  Progressive Christians do not believe that you can contain the love of God.  God’s love is too big for that!  God’s love is for all.  Our love is for all!