The Backyard Preacher Podcast # 158

Nate is using the classic 90’s “What would Jesus Do” For the next few podcast.  In this episode Nate talks about borders, an issue of hot debate and an issue that is currently keeping the United States Government shutdown.  Listen up and prepare to be offended!

The Backyard Preacher Podcast # 158 “W.W.J.D. Borders”

Why I am a Proud Heretic

Why would anyone within the Christian faith desire to be known as a heretic? Cast out like a leper, always on the verge of getting stoned; and not the good kind of stoned! Sooner or later your orthodox friends will stop arguing with you, they will either accept you for who you are or pray for your eternal soul. Some may tell their friends that it is best not to associate with you because your heresies could lead them astray. I personally have been deleted on Facebook by many people including pastors who did not wish to view or argue my questions. Some have removed me from their social media as they fear I may influence their friends. I am flattered by the attention. I ask questions, but what I ask may not be what I believe. What if I do not know what I believe? What is wrong with asking questions pertaining to the very core of the faith? After all, as a Christian we are devoting our lives to this thing; might as well know what is really going on!

Here is the deal; the last execution for heresy took place in 1826 his name was Cayetano Ripoll. He was a Spanish school teacher who was put to death for supposedly teaching beliefs that were said to be deist. Yes, 1826 that was only about 200 years ago. Up until the modern era people have been frightened by the idea of thinking for themselves. Over the span of hundreds of years we have micro evolved into a people who give religious authority to the supposed chosen. This is very sad. The United States was founded by prominent deist who insisted on a separation between the church and the state. No longer will religion and government mingle; no longer will religion have authority over someone’s life. For the sake of freedom, for the love of country and my fellow Americans I am a proud questioner of the faith. I am a proud heretic!

Those that made decisions during the religious councils were no better than you or I. Generally as Protestants, like it or not, most orthodoxy is derived from the early councils.  These guys did not even have a consensus of the divinity of Jesus. They created the doctrines of the faith based on early text which would become the Bible as we know it today and by the opinions of the members of the ecumenical councils which was led by the Pontifex Maximus. This was not a priest trained in theology this was the pagan Empower of Rome; Constantine. The Roman emperor was the high priest of all the Roman religions and this would now include Christianity.  Of course they changed the name from College of Pontiffs to ecumenical councils to distance themselves from the pagan past. What is important is just as the council members rendered their opinion so you have authority in your opinion. Contrary to popular belief we can have a church with doctrines as different as its members.

A church with different opinions and beliefs, how can this be? Simple, the members of the church only need to live within the love of God. You may not believe the same way as your fellow but love teaches to be forever patient and kind. You may wish to dictate your opinion of the faith, but love teaches we should not be self-seeking. We should not hate, we should not boast, we should not hurt others. We must hope all things, believe all things, and when this world passes away we will one day know all things. Until then we know nothing. In fact we know less than nothing. The first step is to admit to yourself and God that we are lacking. If it is that simple, why do we make it so hard? We are human, that is my excuse. My simple teaching comes from 1 Corinthians 13 because of this teaching I am generally viewed as a heretic. I cause division because I seek to ultimately unite. I would have once been burned at the stake yet here I stand a proud heretic!

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The Great Work

The struggles of mankind consist of the great journey or “the great work.” While this journey may last for thousands of incarnations one should at least put forth the effort to achieve all God desires to display while living. The vast majority of people do not even know that they are on a journey. They are so caught up in the base world around them that to try to explain anything spiritual would not be productive. This is why Jesus said, “Though seeing they do not see; though hearing, they do not understand. (Matthew 13:13, NIV).

You however have been given the keys to the kingdom. “The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you.” (Matthew 13:11, NIV). The tree of the Knowledge of good and evil was not something to be feared. Jesus gave of this fruit to his followers. This has been misunderstood for thousands of years. Not all can even eat of this fruit, “For many are invited, but few are chosen.” Matthew 22:14, NIV). As above so below, as within so without, let yourself go, rid your mind of doubt. All human thinking is doubtful. Empty your mind to know truth and the truth will set you free.

Place your faith in God, although this may not be the description of God preached about at the vast majority of congregations. Release your thoughts. Invite an empty, open mind to be filled with the knowledge of God. Like a sweet aroma, stillness, and peace. You will start feeling warm with renewed strength a meaning to life will become evident in your soul. You are not the same as you once were, you have been transformed through your faith. You have taken on the death of Christ in your loss of the profane adding eternal life through the resurrection of the knowledge of God.

You are now the great sojourner on the road of faith, while walking in darkness your spirit is light. The darkness is life within the body made flesh in which we walk. The earth is our theater it is our choice how the play unfolds. Rejoice with excitement. You have become one of the chosen. You can see, you can hear. Do not hesitate to slay the giants, to walk on water, and dare I say play a role in raising the dead. Just as you were raised many dead walk among the living without concern until confronted by the light. The dead cannot live, because they are dead. Not all will come to life. It is the greatest miracle to be performed to bring the light to the darkness to create what was not as though it was; to create something from nothing, to raise the dead to life.

Those who live listen to me now! You will face great trials. You will be put to the test in order for you to be refined as precious metals in the flame. The earth is the cauldron of God. You are a part of the great plan for those being saved. Count it joy when you are persecuted, laugh at those who call you defeated. Only strength comes from testing. Iron sharpens iron; you will eventually become the point of the spear. You are a priest of God to carry on the great work and the governing of the universe. Keep yourself bathed in prayer. Do good to all people. Live a life worthy of your calling through suffering brings victory and it shall be yours. Amen.

Shut Them Down!

I read more news than I watch. I read an article that was disturbing but was completely believable Read: How to Avoid the Health Risks That Come With Financial Stress. We literally work ourselves into an early grave. I do not have to explain the reasons why we worry over money. I am just as guilty as anyone else. It is unfortunate however that we as a society have allowed money to have so much power.

The banks are the power of the world or as the apostle Paul speaks of Satan; “The ruler of the kingdom of the air, the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient.” (Ephesians 2:2, NIV). The banking system is an evil we all live in disobedience with, like a harlot, we all use banking services. They have us trapped. The banks are our gods and the governments our slave masters. Think about this, the world is in debt $164 Trillion dollars. That does not even make sense! Why be in debt to ourselves? We have allowed corporations to give us “jobs” so we can pay back interest on money that they do not even possess. The banks are then defended by government thugs. This process is done legally in part through fractional-reserve banking.

If we all just stopped being afraid. Well, first we would have better mental and physical health. It feels as if we are the ancient Israelites who were fearful of entering the promise land. After 40 years of fear Joshua takes command of his people with a powerful exhortation we would be wise to listen to today. “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9, NIV).

I admit I am just as afraid, but we the people have the power. We could grind the corrupt system to a halt; all we would have to do is stay home. No more work just so we can eat all while those that do not feast from our labors. We would shut them down. That $164 trillion they say we owe; gone. We could raid on their parade with such veracity it would be like the Israelites marching around Jericho, we would tear the walls down. While this is taking place we would share with one another. No one would go hungry or be lacking. All of our combined skills would give us ample ability to then restructure society without Satan’s banks and governments.

So encourage you today. Do not be fearful of your financial situation. The world is yours, as it is ours, we own all things, and all things are owned by us. There is a promise for us that we can find through the teachings of great spiritual leaders like Jesus. We have been called to be visionaries and revolutionaries. What you have in your bank account does not define you and what they take away from you, is not really you. Share this message with your family and friends and if we all band together we can shut their system down.

God-Like (As I am, So Shall You Be)

          Most of my friends know I am a big fan of Elon Musk.   Musk is the man behind PayPal, Tesla, Space X, The Boring Company and the most intriguing of all; the up and coming Neuralink.  Musk states that the plans for Neuralink is to develop technology that will give a person superhuman cognition.  Musk uses a modern cell phone as an example of how we can retrieve and store data like a cyborg.  Imagine having an implant connected to your biological brain that could essentially place you inside the internet.  You could become an all knowing human who would look upon other humans as we do our pets.

              Some may say, but Nate is this the mark of the beast? I do not know? From a theologians perspective why is this so fascinating?   I actually believe that John of Patmos wrote revelation for his day and has very little to do with us.  I am much more interested with Jesus.  Jesus states, “That all of them may be one, Father, just as you sent me and I am in you.  May they also be in us so the world may believe that you have sent me.” (John 17:21, NV).  Is Neuralink the answer to our Lord’s prayer?  Has it taken this long for us to finally come to the ability for this prayer to be answered?  We will be connected to all people; we will know everything that could possibly be known.  If we all work together there would be nothing that we cannot accomplish.

          So while people like me say we should get closer to God through prayer and meditation, doing good works to our fellows and studying the scriptures; others may just implant a chip into their head. Could this massive upload of unbridled intelligence actually be a good thing for the faith?  With unlimited knowledge we may be able to reach a conclusive answer of the existence of God.  For me, only faith is needed.  Maybe something like Neuralink would give individuals the calculations needed to convincingly bring about the answer of God’s existence.  Or, on the other hand we could find that God is a myth and only a creation of the human mind.  I am willing to see what the data may show.

           In my opinion Neuralink will only be a positive step in the evolution of humanity. We may see that God is not what we have been trained to view God as.  We may see that we have all been a part of God all along.  As the saying goes, “He is closer than a brother.”



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Why does God have drastically different temperaments between the Old and New Testament?

            Why does God have drastically different temperaments between the Old and New Testament?  When Marcion (85-160 AD) asked this question there was not a Christian Old Testament and there was certainly not a New Testament.  It was actually Marcion who put together the first Christian Bible; which was of course rejected by the Church.  Marcion was a student of Paul and looked upon the Apostle and his teachings in high regard.  Maybe these very teachings led Marcion to ask the question; are these two different deities?  How can we assimilate the God found in the Hebrew Scriptures with the God who sent Jesus?

            Was Marcion on to something, but snuffed out because this idea would not sit well with the Church?  The early church was a Jewish invention.  Marcion was living during a time when presumably the Apostle John was still living.  The Romans were killing members of the new cult of Christianity.  It would be another 200 years before the Church would be considered Roman Catholic.  While many of the leaders of the early Church were not Jewish; the Jewish founders were held in high esteem.  This would be common sense as Jesus was a Jew along with his Apostles.  Essentially Christianity was a new Jewish religion which eventually gave invitation to all people.  To then say that there was two different Gods was blasphemy, and not for consideration.

            I am not trying to be a Marcion apologist.  Yet I do like to question everything.  I do not want to focus so much on the Old Testament God rather specific verses which give us some clues as to the possibility of a universe with a variety of deities.  It is obvious to any reader that the Old Testament God is one that uses violence and destruction without hesitation.  Adam and Eve ate a cookie from the cookie jar and the penalty was death.  I think most people find the story of the of Israel’s exodus from Egypt and their journey to the promise land to be the most vital in this examination of godly traits.

            Was Yahweh the demiurge?  Was he possibly in a spiritual war himself with the God of the New Testament?  Humanity sure must be special that multiple God’s find us attractive.  As the Old Testament states maybe we have become “like them.”  “The man has now become like one of us.” (Genesis 3:22).  Oops, that was a cosmic mistake to say the least; almost akin to humanity creating A.I. then realizing that we cannot put the cat back in the box.

            We can look back a bit further and see the use of the plural word for God, when the plan to create humanity was hatched.  “Let us make man in our mage” (Genesis 1:26) and of course the story of the tower of Babel, “Come, let us go down, and there confound their language.” (Genesis 11:7).  Christians say that this is alluding to the Trinitarian God which the Roman Catholic Church decided upon during the First Council of Constantinople in 381 A.D.  Jews will point to the plural representing the vast attributes of God.  It took over 200 years pass the death of Marcion for the church to finally came to a conclusion on the Trinity.  I think it is always good to remember that it was humanity that gave God most of his or her attributes.

            Being a heretic is not always a bad thing.  Jesus was a heretic to many Jewish leaders, Paul was a heretic to some within the early church, and Marcion dared to question the unquestionable and the label of heretic was placed upon him.  Maybe the Romans and their plurality of Gods and the Jewish sons of God’s; Elohim and their half god half human offspring the Nephilim (Genesis 6:1-4) have more in common than we think.  Monotheism is a new strange idea in the grand scheme of things.  If Marcion is correct in some of his observations maybe he is the greatest monotheist of them all.  He believed in one superior God among many lesser gods; the great El; after all, many Christians today worship, a King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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Another Epic Evangelical Fail

Joshua Feuerstein proves to be just another Anti-Christ.  When will Christians stop being duped?


            Joshua Feuerstein is another epic fail by the Evangelical world; which has once again been duped into following yet another anti-Christ Joshua Feuerstein.  Feuerstein is in the same category as Christian Taliban radical Steven Anderson.  He has gained a lot of traction especially within the conservative church for his rants against gays, abortion, bakeries, and Starbucks.  He thinks that he is standing up for the church and being a big mouth for those who are of his same species.

            The only thing that people like Feuerstein accomplish is division and hate.  He labels pastors as passive and unwilling to stand up for what is right; yet he is wrong in this statement.  Us passive ones stand up against the unjust; we do defend scripture and its truths.  The problem is his kind of Evangelicalism which invokes a strange morality on the church.  It is hilarious really if so many people did not listen to his crap.  Let’s give you a few examples of how anti-Christ Feuerstein is.

            He is thinks there is some kind of LGBT agenda that is threatening the church.  Wrong Feuerstein, LGBT people just want to be accepted by the church for who they are.  He was behind a bakery stunt trying to make a name for himself as this big bad defender of Christendom. Feuerstein, the only thing that you are defending is your hate.

            You also believe that there is an abortion agenda.  No, wrong again Feuerstein there is no abortion agenda.  I am not a fan of abortions, yet I am not the one to throw stones on what I do not understand.  You claim to be pro-life yet you have incited violence against those who are pro-abortion.  I can’t remember Jesus inciting violence?  When Jesus was being arrested Peter acted in violence, who then received a rebuke. Jesus healed the victim the very one who was arresting him.  There is many ways in which we can curb abortions without violence.

            The Christianity of the Jesus would not fit your agenda.  You are a self-promoter who stumbled on to semi-fame through your silly videos.  The Jesus I follow does not curse his people and incite violence.  The Jesus I follow says come unto me, I will give you rest.  The Jesus I follow brings unity to people of all faiths, creeds, sexual orientation, and cultures.  By your own words you have made yourself out to be an Anti-Christ.


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The Insanity of Biblical Literalist. A Message to Steve Anderson.

The inability to read the Bible correctly is disturbing in our modern world. Generally this inability is a trait of those who are apart of churches known as Independent Fundamental Baptist.  These groups like the Taliban of Islam read the text without any literary criticism.  They have no understanding of hermeneutics or exegesis.  They read the Bible as God’s word; as in every single word that is written regardless of who wrote it, why it was written, to whom it was written, the response of the intended receiver, the culture of the day etc.


 I want to focus on preachers such as Steven Anderson who believes the government should kill homosexuals as a capital offense. Anderson truly believes that homosexuals should be put to death.  He reads the text from Leviticus and understands the text outside of the ancient Jewish culture of the day.   Anderson’s creates a blanket argument that transcends any common sense.  Anderson states he has much of the Bible memorized yet he certainly has little skill when it comes to its interpretation.

Let’s look briefly at the verse regarding homosexuals. I will even use the King James Version which is the only version according to most IFB’s that should be used.  Yes, it is true “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6, KJV).  Here is the text from Leviticus, “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” (20:13, KJV).   Let us examine this verse for a bit to see if it has any relevance in today’s church.


Obviously if we were to read it as Steven, we would come to the same conclusion. Yet doing so is improper for biblical teaching.  The text does say what it says that is without much question, what must be questioned is the motive.  Ancient Jews did not perceive women as equals with men.  Essentially the verse is saying that if two men sleep with each other as a man sleeps with a woman then the men are lowering themselves to the level of a woman.  For the Jews of the day this was not acceptable and worthy of death; just as a person could be put to death according to ancient Jewish law for a number of things that even IFB churches would not condemn. Violators of the Sabbath were to be put to death.  I wonder if Steven Anderson obeys the Sabbath rules?  Also those who falsely acted as priest should be put to death.  One could make a compelling argument that Steven Anderson takes it upon himself to be a priest.  He is not even Jewish and certainly not of the tribe of Levi.

Of all of the Jewish regulations that would require the death penalty most fundamental Christians single out the verses that focus on homosexuality. All of the others are looked over; just as slave owners would point towards verses that eased their conscience for conducting a slave trade.  For these reasons and so many more preachers need to have at least undergrad training in hermeneutics.  Individuals like Steven Anderson may be able to repeat the Bible like a parrot but just as a parrot does not understand what it is repeating, neither does Steven Anderson.


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