Take Your Church Back

Preaching as we experience in church is 99% always a monologue. This is the opposite of how Jesus taught. Jesus taught using dialogue. Even the Greek word διαλεγομένου which is primarily translated to preach is used when Paul was ministering in Acts 20:9. διαλεγομένου actually can mean to converse, or to have a dialogue.

Why then has the church for the majority of its existence use monologues?
1. Keeps the lay man in their place.
2. To distinguish between clergy and laity.
3. Power.
4. Control.
5. Money.

Obviously in our day of large congregations it would be difficult to have a congregation that conducted a constructive dialogue about God or a certain biblical subject.

Our churches are too big! Let’s keep them between 12-20 people. A group that can meet together share a meal and fellowship in each others homes. A place in which all are priest of God. The leader will be the one who serves the most. If the group get too big it is divided into another group. Not only is this how Jesus taught it has tremendous benefits.

1.No cost.
2. No paid clergy.
3. Everyone shares their homes and food.
4. People learn more through engagement.
5. No large buildings to take care of.
6. No exspensive projects to incorporate.

This is essentially about taking church back from the “chosen” few, and placing it back in the hands of the church.


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