Let Us Reason Together

With the vast amount of polarization which has infested the country I believe that we need to be committed to introspection.  It is my observation those who consider themselves both progressive and conservative are spiritually sick.  First and foremost, I need to repent of my own spiritual decay.  While I believe that the church needs to be at the forefront of social justice, I would suggest we do not take things to extremes.  We can push beyond what the population desires and instead we receive a backlash from conservative society that has taken the form of our current president.  Similarly, conservatives need to be aware of real issues that face the nation.  If you claim to be a Christian and take the words of Jesus with any sense of sincerity you cannot be a nationalist who is only looking to make America great again.  Our goal is to make ourselves great again, to help make our neighbor great again, and for them to help us in our endeavor.

Our theology could be at the root cause of our problems.  Generally, we all think that we know God, his agenda, or if he is even a he.  We need to pray, meditate, and search our souls.  I am not going to tell you what you should believe, or not believe, except one thing.  That one thing which will unite us to him and to each other is love.  Love allows for all things to be possible.  Love allows for each person’s opinions to be heard and for each person to try to understand each person’s side.  What must not be compromised is the acceptance of the opposite of love, which is hate.

Finally, as divisive as the issues are.  As angry as they make us.  As much as we want to scream and fight; we must decide how much.  It may be better to allow your spiritual disciplines to help control our human emotions.  To seek within instead of constantly pushing and fighting.  To allow ourselves not to look at this as an “us vs. them” and instead understand that we are all apart of the body of Christ.  To understand that we just do not know, and probably never will, yet we do have the capability known through the scriptures; love.  Living out love is Christianity.  Jesus was love and so shall we be.  That is all we really know. 

The reality is that humans are like fish in a pond.  Occasionally, we may take a leap out of the water and for a split second we see this unknown we then decide to interpret this unknown world and build a philosophy around it.  Each spiritual leader who has taken those split second jumps out of the water then interpret the unknown in different ways; this then creates the world as we currently know it.  I think that it is important to understand that Jesus broke things down very simply.  We in the human incarnation cannot under any circumstances understand the full nature of God.  If God was to speak to us and tell us the mysteries of the universe, we would not understand it.  It would be like a physicist trying to explain the laws of nature to an orange.  No matter what we do we will never get the orange to understand. 

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