The Great Work

The struggles of mankind consist of the great journey or “the great work.” While this journey may last for thousands of incarnations one should at least put forth the effort to achieve all God desires to display while living. The vast majority of people do not even know that they are on a journey. They are so caught up in the base world around them that to try to explain anything spiritual would not be productive. This is why Jesus said, “Though seeing they do not see; though hearing, they do not understand. (Matthew 13:13, NIV).

You however have been given the keys to the kingdom. “The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you.” (Matthew 13:11, NIV). The tree of the Knowledge of good and evil was not something to be feared. Jesus gave of this fruit to his followers. This has been misunderstood for thousands of years. Not all can even eat of this fruit, “For many are invited, but few are chosen.” Matthew 22:14, NIV). As above so below, as within so without, let yourself go, rid your mind of doubt. All human thinking is doubtful. Empty your mind to know truth and the truth will set you free.

Place your faith in God, although this may not be the description of God preached about at the vast majority of congregations. Release your thoughts. Invite an empty, open mind to be filled with the knowledge of God. Like a sweet aroma, stillness, and peace. You will start feeling warm with renewed strength a meaning to life will become evident in your soul. You are not the same as you once were, you have been transformed through your faith. You have taken on the death of Christ in your loss of the profane adding eternal life through the resurrection of the knowledge of God.

You are now the great sojourner on the road of faith, while walking in darkness your spirit is light. The darkness is life within the body made flesh in which we walk. The earth is our theater it is our choice how the play unfolds. Rejoice with excitement. You have become one of the chosen. You can see, you can hear. Do not hesitate to slay the giants, to walk on water, and dare I say play a role in raising the dead. Just as you were raised many dead walk among the living without concern until confronted by the light. The dead cannot live, because they are dead. Not all will come to life. It is the greatest miracle to be performed to bring the light to the darkness to create what was not as though it was; to create something from nothing, to raise the dead to life.

Those who live listen to me now! You will face great trials. You will be put to the test in order for you to be refined as precious metals in the flame. The earth is the cauldron of God. You are a part of the great plan for those being saved. Count it joy when you are persecuted, laugh at those who call you defeated. Only strength comes from testing. Iron sharpens iron; you will eventually become the point of the spear. You are a priest of God to carry on the great work and the governing of the universe. Keep yourself bathed in prayer. Do good to all people. Live a life worthy of your calling through suffering brings victory and it shall be yours. Amen.