Another Epic Evangelical Fail

Joshua Feuerstein proves to be just another Anti-Christ.  When will Christians stop being duped?


            Joshua Feuerstein is another epic fail by the Evangelical world; which has once again been duped into following yet another anti-Christ Joshua Feuerstein.  Feuerstein is in the same category as Christian Taliban radical Steven Anderson.  He has gained a lot of traction especially within the conservative church for his rants against gays, abortion, bakeries, and Starbucks.  He thinks that he is standing up for the church and being a big mouth for those who are of his same species.

            The only thing that people like Feuerstein accomplish is division and hate.  He labels pastors as passive and unwilling to stand up for what is right; yet he is wrong in this statement.  Us passive ones stand up against the unjust; we do defend scripture and its truths.  The problem is his kind of Evangelicalism which invokes a strange morality on the church.  It is hilarious really if so many people did not listen to his crap.  Let’s give you a few examples of how anti-Christ Feuerstein is.

            He is thinks there is some kind of LGBT agenda that is threatening the church.  Wrong Feuerstein, LGBT people just want to be accepted by the church for who they are.  He was behind a bakery stunt trying to make a name for himself as this big bad defender of Christendom. Feuerstein, the only thing that you are defending is your hate.

            You also believe that there is an abortion agenda.  No, wrong again Feuerstein there is no abortion agenda.  I am not a fan of abortions, yet I am not the one to throw stones on what I do not understand.  You claim to be pro-life yet you have incited violence against those who are pro-abortion.  I can’t remember Jesus inciting violence?  When Jesus was being arrested Peter acted in violence, who then received a rebuke. Jesus healed the victim the very one who was arresting him.  There is many ways in which we can curb abortions without violence.

            The Christianity of the Jesus would not fit your agenda.  You are a self-promoter who stumbled on to semi-fame through your silly videos.  The Jesus I follow does not curse his people and incite violence.  The Jesus I follow says come unto me, I will give you rest.  The Jesus I follow brings unity to people of all faiths, creeds, sexual orientation, and cultures.  By your own words you have made yourself out to be an Anti-Christ.


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