What Would Jesus Think of Church?

Most religious people who take their religion seriously are usually a bit crazy. As a Christian I point to my own faith which I do take seriously although in my opinion most Christians feed into the lies the church tells them. Although I will be merciful and give most Christians a pass. It takes a lot of work which involves serious study to understand that much of what the church tells us is only opinion.

These opinions were first argued during the early days of the church. They would debate a variety of subjects. Who was Jesus? What should be in the Bible? Heaven, hell and everything in between. Yes, literally even in our Protestants churches, like it or not have been heavily influenced by Roman Catholicism. Fear and control are the name of the game.

While Jesus tells us to live without fear, the church is not very receptive. Fear of hell is the major controlling doctrine. But, let’s not forget fear of the opposite sex (for reasons of purity), homosexuality, movies, books, music, anything that may be against the opinions of what the church is. Of course, I have my own opinions of a church and without sounding too much like a hypocrite. I will say that it is virtually impossible not to allow our opinions get in the way. We could agree however not to have opinions that cause fear and behavior modification.

So, what is the church then? The church is you and I; the people. The church is a gathering in the name of Jesus in order to explore how to be as Jesus was. To help each other and community as Jesus did. Not to dictate rules and regulations on how to please God. God does not need us to do things that “pleases” him. God is already pleased with us. If God was not pleased with us from the beginning, then Jesus coming to earth would have never been in the cards.

Church is a good idea, although I do not know if it has ever lived up what Jesus had in mind. A simple reading of the book of Acts and this becomes a realization. I think that we must keep in mind that we are human. We are filled with all kinds of weaknesses and those are reflected even in the church of an almighty God. We should not give up on the church. We can improve the church.

1. Remove opinions we call dogmas and doctrines and get back to the very basics of love.

That’s it, one step. Super easy right? Yea like to see church leaders try this one. I suppose that we can, and it can start with you and me.




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One thought on “What Would Jesus Think of Church?

  1. I agree, there has been so much discord caused by arguing over doctrine and dogma. It puts people off from associating and attending church. Perhaps one way is to not take too much notice of doctrine and spend time on a personal experience of God, while praying to connect with others of a like mind. The Body of Christ is everywhere and not just in church buildings, thankfully.

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