Happy Thanksgiving!

            What are we so thankful for?  We get up; go to work, pay bills, sleep and repeat.  This is life for the majority of Americans.  Not exactly thrilling; yet we all hoped as children to be astronauts or serial killers. Life as a walking parasite on the earth may not be that great; we can still find ways to be thankful.  That is why we have this holiday after all!


            I think the number one reason to love and dislike Thanksgiving is family.  Some will show their gratitude over politics mixed with alcohol and whose interpretation of the Bible is correct before the police get called.  Yes, family; they are what you have until years of disturbances have forever placed you in timeout at Village inn.


The holidays are an interesting time. The suicide rate rises and we spend money trying to buy our families love.  For all these reasons and more the evergreen tree needs to be replaced with a cannabis plants with buds like ornaments ready to clip.  What did you get me mom?  A new bong!  Thank you, I can suffer through one more day.


            While I may sound negative without adversity we would not have Thanksgiving.  A time honored tradition of sharing a meal received from the stories of British transplants, who are lucky they did not die of starvation.  Every year that goes by we can be thankful that we made it.  Over the course of that year how many of our fellow humans did not.  Not only did we make it, if you are the majority of the population you are not starving, you are clothed, and housed with a regular income as little as it might be.  Yes we have to go through the routines of life, but that is what life is.  This Thanksgiving just enjoy the moment.  Have a drink or a hit, relax, laugh and if you are lucky you will not end up in jail.



Happy Thanksgiving from: The Backyard Preacher!


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