Let the Robots do the Dirty Work

           Automation technology is a wonderful thing; in the hands of the right people.  Fast food restaurants, grocery stores, factories, and more are replacing humans with machines.  Robots are taking over and they are going to put people out of work.  I think it is a wonderful thing.  Most of these jobs are crap jobs that nobody wants anyway.  Not many people in High School thought I want to work at Walmart for my career.  People want to be painters, poets, astronauts, firemen, policemen, actors, sports players; come on, you get it.  We take away talent from our nation and world by placing people in jobs that could easily be automated.  This then begs the question of what about my job?



            This is what I would do. I would gather the profits from the automation and divide it up among the people.  I would build Universities that people could attend for free, provide the tools and skills that meet the potential of the individual.  Have centers for people to go and meditate and pray all day.  Grocery stores would be plentiful and you would not even have to pay for the food; grab what you need and leave.  Hospitals would be filled with the sick and doctors not having to worry about money because money is not an issue.  Prisons would be limited to only people who commit violent crimes and because of automation utility bills would become nonexistent.  The only thing money would be good for is pleasure.



            We would run the country as a place of abundance not lack.  People would be paid based on their contributions to the fields they love.  We would reach new heights spiritually in which money becomes almost a non-issue.  Everyone would be housed, clothed, and fed.  The priority of humanity would be achieving a closer relationship with divinity.  We would clean the earth and venture into space.  We would start a new civilization on Mars and beyond.  If you can imagine it, then it is possible. No limitations will be accepted because we are limitless in ability.


Why Should I go to Church?

Why even bother going to church? This is the question I ask myself every Sunday morning.  I am sure it may be the question you also ask yourself.  Many people attend church because they feel as Christians they are supposed to attend.  Is the church making the lives of attendees better?  Is the church making lives worse?  What is the whole point of putting on a dog and pony show, smile at your neighbor and then sleep through someone telling me that they heard from God?  I hear from God also; where is my microphone?


Some people go to church because it is truly a blessing in their life. Church is become a social outlet that allows them to interact with people who are likeminded and distract themselves from the Monday through Friday grind.  That is perfectly okay, they actually are benefiting from attendance.  Some people go to church because the feel it is what God wants them to do.  The famous scripture quoted regularly to keep people in their seats, “Not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another all the more as you see the day approaching.” (Hebrews 10:25, NIV).  This like many verses can be spun anyway you want.


If you ask me why then people should meet together? I would say because it is good for you. I mean you do not have to meet with people you hate; meet with people you do like, even if it is at the bar down the corner.  That could be a church just as much as anything else; sharing laughter, a meal, and good conversation, to me that is church.  Church does not have to be this place that you have to drag the kids out of bed for, get into a fight with the spouse, and suffer through the hangover from the night before while you are singing, “If you are happy and you know it say amen.”  The very structure of church may just be what is wrong with the church?  Did those who gathered in the upper room recorded in the book of Acts have any other agenda but to hang out with one another?  I would think it was what felt good for them.  Nobody forced them to be there.  They felt compelled to gather and wait for the promised Holy Spirit.  Later the church changed and differed from community to community and that is okay.  All churches are not the same.  Some people you just do not want to hang out with.  When you go to many Evangelical churches in America today it could feel like a Trump rally.  God forbid you say you think socialism is a good idea; you will be pounced on like a rabbit.  Forget the part in the Bible about sharing everything equally.


There is not a perfect church, there are no perfect people, and there is not a proper way to do church. There are just people.  People who really like being with other people.  We are social beings, even El Chapo needs a hug.  Maybe, just maybe if we stop creating rules and dogmas about how Christians are supposed to live.  Even then it can be difficult because people have emotions and opinions and think they matter.  At least we like to think we matter, as matter of fact going to church is often ones greatest ego trip.  “Come to church and see me.  Look how I worship; no one worships better than me.”  I do not have the answer and I do not think that there is an answer.  The churches recorded in our Bibles had issues with people attending.   I for one would rather stay home or hang out with people I am comfortable with than put on a fake smile and act like I care.