Takeaway from the Mid-Term Elections


           As I get older I am told I am supposed to care more about the serious issues in the country.  Well, Michigan did legalize recreational cannabis and that is not extremely far drive for this Iowa resident.  Looks like trips to Michigan are in the future!  Anyway, see I am almost 39 years old, I should be serious about who I vote for.  Sadly the older and wiser or crazier I get, the less it seems to matter.  I posted on Facebook yesterday that I did not really care that I would much rather jump into the abyss and become one with the Universe.  With all of that said, this is my take away from the mid-term elections.


            The Democrats regained control of the House, the Senate is firmly in the hands of the Republicans and well the white house is still occupied by a white man.  From the looks of things the feel of a country divided present.  In fact a greater divide may stir as the Democrats can now use their newly restored powers to attack the president.  One thing I hate to see is the division that has taken place.  Also, I am always amused at the Evangelical vote.  I am what many would describe as a progressive liberal evangelical; if that makes any sense at all.  I look upon people I call my brothers and sisters in Christ with curiosity.

            I am sure there were many churches gathered together and people at home in prayer over the election as if it was a fight between good and evil; as if God really cares about who us silly humans elect into office.  Of course most Evangelicals side with “conservative” candidates and many vote based on the “pro-life” movement which is a political scam.


            Don’t get me wrong I support freedom.  That is why I am a progressive liberal Christian.  I do not think that people should be burdened with laws pertaining to personal morality; rather we need laws that protect the rights of people as humans.  I am all about freedom; dangerously close to Libertarian.  I think that deep down many Evangelicals feel the same way but, in my experience many live in fear of who they vote for and support, as my grandmother use to say, “We will have to answer for the things I have done before God.”  Well, if Jesus died for my sins why would I answer to anyone?

            Fear motivates people.  Fear especially motivates most Christians.  Politicians have been using the Bible and the fear of hellfire to get them elected and or rule over people for a long time.  Perfect love cast out all fear.  Rest in the Lord.  Be at peace in your heart.  Sit back, mediate, pray, sip on some coffee and realize everything is okay.  While much of politics is trivial and entertaining and good material to write about; some issues are important as Christians.  I believe Christians need to focus on what will help people live the best life possible.


            We need to stop voting just on the abortion debate. I have written many times that I do not favor abortions but I am not the one that conducts them, and I am not the woman having one done.  If there is any judgement it is reserved for them not anyone else.  Each person has to live with their own actions.  While I would like to see abortion eliminated, I understand that the culture we live in does not do anything to help the issue.  Here though are the issues that would.




            The minimum wage; essentially we encourage modern slavery by allowing companies extreme profits from labor.  Healthcare, should we not provide each other healthcare no matter what?  Why should healing someone cost money?  While the LGBT community has gained much ground in their fight for basic rights, as Christians we need to become more inclusive and understanding of people who may have different lifestyles. We must also be inclusive in our places of worship. Being gay is not a sin!  The justice system needs a complete makeover.  It is time to not be the country with the greatest prison population.  That is nothing to be proud of.  We can start by eliminating racism from the justice system; easier said than done.

            Ok, so I got a little more serious than I said I would.  Yet I think we can all take a missions trip to Michigan this summer and talk over bong hits about these matters and try to understand what we are all about as Christians.  Christianity is not a political party; it is a way of life.