Stand Up

The vast majority of those in power are very few. They have a created a society of brainwashed individuals. Think about it a few hundred people are elected officials compared to millions of us. A few thousand CEO’s compared to millions of us. We hold the keys to power. Right now in America it is divide and conquer. They love it. We feed into it. What if we just stopped. The inmates have done it during country wide labor strikes. What if we defied by non complying? A massive sit in. We do not have to cooperate with the so called government of the people. We are the government. We the people not a few hundred idiots who won a popularity contest.


In the Beginning; You!

            In the beginning; you!  “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1, NIV).  “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1, NIV).  Dare I say again, in the beginning; you.  You have been with God and you are of God, you were amongst the creation of the heavens and the earth.  This is a truly beautiful and powerful statement if you take into consideration what this means for your identity.

            With so much going on in the world it is easy to get become mentally overwhelmed.  It’s easy to lose sight of our spirituality.  We see divided lines that separate us by religion and even within our own religions often even deeper trenches of division.  We can easily forget who we are in the universe.  This lack of identity is the cause of much of the negativity that is taking place in the world.

            We do not have to try to understand God, we are God.  It is our birthright.  The angels have looked upon us with envy.  We are given the keys to the kingdom, but often have forgotten how to use them.  Taking hold of our birthright, waking up as Christ on earth is the ultimate in self-realization.  This will also take an extraordinary amount of faith.


            Faith is the power of the universe; it is the action that creates.  Faith declares what exist before manifestation. “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see,” (Hebrews 11:1, NIV).  “The God who gives life to death and calls into being things that was not.” (Romans 4:17, NIV).  These are powerful verses of the creating power of God; your creating power.  You are only limited by your doubt.


            What is then the beginning if there is no end? There is then beginning and only landmarks that light the path of eternity.  You are this, and this is you.  We are often blinded by the constantly growing scales of doubt and deception.  It is not easy being assigned to live within these bodies; we long for our redemption.  Yet as a fresh seed planted must go through the stages until death in order to be rebirthed to greater life.  Hold to the faith; create a life for the benefit of others, and accept no limitations.



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Why do I feel unfulfilled?

Trying to fill the absent feeling? Most of us go through times in which we feel empty inside; that everything is meaningless.  We think about the mistakes we made, we wish somehow to force ourselves into the prime example of what we feel is a pinnacle life.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  Can we use these feelings to create a catalyst for happier days?

We do this to ourselves because we lack acceptance.  It honestly is that simple.  If you can accept who you are, your situation, and understand that it is very improbable to instantly become the person in your dreams, you are then on the steps to mental health success.  Acceptance does not have to mean settling.  In fact acceptance is a starting point for growth.  Acceptance allows your mind to grasp what is going on, right now.  When we flood our brains with wants and desires before we can figure out ourselves we become depressed.  We then become empty.


Acknowledging our positon in life as it currently is.  Deciding that, I am ok with who I am today.  This can bring about change.  A free mind without “wants” is a mind not wanting.  When you say you want something or wish you were someone else you then are nothing but wants and wishes and what are wants and wishes?  They are always going to be unfulfilled.  You have a good chance at achieving your dreams, becoming who you want to be; yet even if you are to make it to the land of milk and honey, without knowing yourself you will still be lost.  The ancient sages proclaimed “know thyself.”  The first step to knowing yourself is to realize that you know nothing.  Admit this and you can receive anything.

America First

America first!  This proclamation has been touted significantly over the last couple of years.  As an American, having an attitude of America first is wonderful.  But, what exactly is America first?  How do we determine what is best for us?  These two questions are what I am going to try to answer.

 America first involves a strong economy, military, borders, and trade deals in favor of American interest.  I support these American first policies.  I would be a fool if I did not.  First, other countries would tear us down limb by limb until we were no better than them or worse; misery likes company.  I am not one who believes in American exceptionalism as we are all created equal.  America has been given this unique position as the wealthiest country in the world, we can use this to make our lives more comfortable and do our best to help our neighbors.

Strong Economy


Every country desires a strong economy. Regardless if we like it or not.  Workers are divided up by income.  In America there are lower, middle, and upper classes.  Generally the majority of the population is in the lower to middle class structure with the smallest percentage being the upper class.  This will primarily always be the case, although in America we have great divides in wealth between the middle and upper class.  The middle class is becoming closer to the lower class as corporations look to cut cost and pass the savings on to new generations who are hired at a fraction of their predecessor’s wage.


At the moment the jobless rates are at record lows. It is very easy to find a job although it is not so easy to find a middle or upper class job.  Most families are made up of two incomes with one or both income earners working two jobs.  Family life is cut, with providers living a life working and not much time being.  In my opinion this is not America first.  So what, I have a job, I have two jobs, but if I do not see my spouse or kids what does it matter?  Yet to provide shelter, clothes, and food you do what you must in order to survive.  Corporations understand that to squeeze as much productivity out of their employees they will work them more, and pay them less.  The price of living goes up, but wages stay the same.  This is not America first.

Powerful Military


America is the wealthiest country with the most powerful military ever known to exist. A superpower as America needs a strong military in order to stay at the top; this is understandable.  Possessing a strong military is placing America first.  What is not placing America first is using this military for unjust causes.  In my opinion there has not been a just conflict since WWII.  Korea, Vietnam, both gulf wars, and Afghanistan simply were not needed to advance the country.  Currently we have thousands of troops at the Mexico border as a political stunt keeping us safe from migrants.  This is not placing America first.



A country needs borders not a wall and razor wire. A country such as America was founded on the premise that this land is open for those who seek a better life.  This is America first.  Currently foreigners are not welcome in the country, especially if you are poor.  While we shake hands with Saudi murderers we spray tear gas at children.  This is not America first.  America first would be to stand up to outlaws such as the prince of Saudi Arabia.  Kindness and compassion are the footsteps of God, and this is America first.

A Deal Maker


Currently America has a president that is supposedly an American first type of guy. He is supposedly a great deal maker.  This is up to interpretation.  There is no America first without putting the people first.  An unregulated market and high tariffs on goods only will hurt us.  Unfortunately people are too greedy not take advantage of deregulation.  If you want America first you protect the people from cheats and scammers.  This is not possible when you have someone who has always been a cheat and scammer running the show.  Donald Trump is not America first.


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The Community Mental Health Crisis

Today we have a serious problem with community mental health services. I am speaking of non-profit mental health organizations who treat mental health patients with a mindset of a factory manager. This is beneficial if you are Ford Motors not to treat people with serious diseases.  But that is exactly what is taking place.

Our health care system is not motivated by patient care rather it is a money motivated system ran by chief financial officers who are not practitioners. Most mental health practitioners within community mental health centers care for their patients. They have spent at the minimum 6 years of formal education 2 years of graduate work involving internships and supervision. Providers need another 2 years under direct supervision before receiving a independent license.

Burn Out!


We always hear of the burn out rate with mental health care counselors. Why is this? I have first hand knowledge of this field, so I will explain why burnout takes place. A new graduate of a master’s program in mental health takes a job at a mental health care facility with a mission to help people. They know the pay is not great, the job is a public service. Yet to receive a full license to practice you need 2 years of supervision. Mental health care facilities take advantage of this necessity. They can bring on fresh graduates and pay them under market rates because they know that they need the supervision.

The day in the life of a therapist who work at community mental health care facilities is that of a production line. They even call it “productivity.” In an 8 hour shift the therapist is scheduled with 10 clients who will see the therapist for 45-minute sessions. That is seeing people back to back without a break. These therapists are lucky to get a lunch and employers can get away with it because they are salary. Of course, they try to account for cancellations. God forbid that the therapist can get caught up on paperwork.  Patient care which is touted as the highest of goals is the last thing the leadership, if they like it or not cares about.

Patients are not getting adequate care because they are seeing burnt out therapist who are trying there best to survive in a system that is money driven. Ask anyone who has ever worked in community mental health; the work load verses compensation is greatly unbalanced. Yet these warriors will continue for the love of their patients even if they become patients themselves.

It is time for a change in community mental health services. People need quality mental health services, and this will not happen when the providers are burnt out. Counselors can’t wait till they can land a job outside of the non-profit world. I understand that these organizations need money to survive, the problem is much deeper than the organizations. The major problem involves lack of funding and support for mental health in general.

How do we fix this problem? We need to find a way to place patient care above money. We need to give mental health counselors a break between patients to decompress from intense sessions which takes a toll on the provider. Mental health organizations should not be running like a factory.

Mental Heal Crisis!


The United States has a serious mental health crisis and within this crisis is the ones who provide the counseling services. Without change we will not be able to better help those who spent years of their lives to learn to serve those in need. Our mental health care providers are heroes who go into the worst of the worst scenarios with patients. These unsung heroes deserve a life. They deserve adequate pay without the slave labor.

I know my answer to the problem will not be beneficial because there is not enough funding for this change. I propose that a counselor see only 5 patients per day. Providers should be required to take breaks and lunches. Providers should receive adequate pay for the services they provide. Counselors should never have to do paperwork at home. Seems simple, but if this was put in place the community mental health centers would close their doors for lack of funds. How do we fix this problem?


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Finding the Source

Getting ahead in life involves hard work. Nothing is just given to you; although it may seem that way when scanning the spectrum of the haves verses the have nots. The ability to interpret opportunity is essential. Everyone experiences opportunity the difference is those who take advantage of the opportunity or not. I have known many people who are happy in their life situation and do not care about finding greater material success because they already have what they want. Being happy is not about material possessions or someone to share life with; being happy is being at peace with yourself. This could be living in a million-dollar mansion or working for just above minimum wage. This is where the axiom of “money does not buy happiness” comes from.

Who is Happier?

Who then is happier Is the secret found within? The differences in the definition of what is success, prosperity, and happiness in my opinion does have a singularity of sorts. This is the same for those who we consider wealthy and those who we consider poor. Then there are what others consider of us, and how we consider ourselves. When we have come to a place in our lives in which we understand ourselves we may say like Jesus, “I and the Father are one.” While it is beneficial to look for opportunity its interpretation is subjective. I personally have met people who seem to have the greatest freedoms living in homeless shelters. They have no bills, no job, they are unplugged from the matrix. They are not being held down by the “man” Babylon has no grip and their soul, freedom shines through their exterior.

Rich or poor each has taken or declined opportunity and those decisions have shaped their lives. Through a serious of initiations, each one of us has made choices which will affect our lives. Being honest, fearlessly walking through the rite of passage in order to grow. We must examine ourselves in the mirror, we will see things we do not like. People often stay blinded because they fear to look. If you do not know who you are, then you certainly cannot know what opportunities you should take.

Looking into the mirror. 

Starring at ourselves in the mirror we see a duality. Separation of self which grinds like tectonics plates during an earthquake. We cannot interpret opportunity when we live a life divided and do not even know it. We must be the hero, we must not be afraid. Those who have everything material along with happiness have became the hero in their lives. Just as those who are living with next to nothing yet have internal peace are brave warriors not afraid to examine themselves and accept who they are.
This does not mean that the person with nothing must remain with nothing. This person has chosen this of their free will. Just as someone who is seeking wealth must accept that there is responsibility in having much. In my opinion it is more difficult to be wealthy and happy.

Whatever your position my hope is that you are always raising the bar, that you are always seeking opportunity. When you find the opportunity make decisions to achieve your goals. Opportunity will be found, it is what you do with it. Believe it, achieve it, and do not forget it!



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Happy Thanksgiving!

            What are we so thankful for?  We get up; go to work, pay bills, sleep and repeat.  This is life for the majority of Americans.  Not exactly thrilling; yet we all hoped as children to be astronauts or serial killers. Life as a walking parasite on the earth may not be that great; we can still find ways to be thankful.  That is why we have this holiday after all!


            I think the number one reason to love and dislike Thanksgiving is family.  Some will show their gratitude over politics mixed with alcohol and whose interpretation of the Bible is correct before the police get called.  Yes, family; they are what you have until years of disturbances have forever placed you in timeout at Village inn.


The holidays are an interesting time. The suicide rate rises and we spend money trying to buy our families love.  For all these reasons and more the evergreen tree needs to be replaced with a cannabis plants with buds like ornaments ready to clip.  What did you get me mom?  A new bong!  Thank you, I can suffer through one more day.


            While I may sound negative without adversity we would not have Thanksgiving.  A time honored tradition of sharing a meal received from the stories of British transplants, who are lucky they did not die of starvation.  Every year that goes by we can be thankful that we made it.  Over the course of that year how many of our fellow humans did not.  Not only did we make it, if you are the majority of the population you are not starving, you are clothed, and housed with a regular income as little as it might be.  Yes we have to go through the routines of life, but that is what life is.  This Thanksgiving just enjoy the moment.  Have a drink or a hit, relax, laugh and if you are lucky you will not end up in jail.



Happy Thanksgiving from: The Backyard Preacher!

Hostility to an Unbarred Mind



Hostility towards an unbarred mind is a phenomenon among humans persisting since time immemorial. What exactly is hostility to the unbarred mind?  Depending of our psych, social, bio, and spiritual makeup and design each person has formed a worldview.  Based on the four factors long held beliefs especially regarding religion will become solidified.  Individuals will find it difficult to change their minds on certain fundamental beliefs of their religion.

Why So Serious?

The issue is not a person’s faith; the issue is the often unwavering fundamentals possessed by the adherent. The very history of the world has been formed based on fundamentals of faith; often with terrifying results.  How many millions have died as a direct result of religion?  Or, should I say the direct result of someone who possesses hostility towards an unbarred mind.

Hellfire has taken its toll on the masses. Fears of death, unscrupulous interpretations of scripture have scourged the earth.  Cries of the martyrs of reach heaven.  Today the cries of those killed by modern day terrorist in the name of God are ringing in our ears.  The heretic persecution continues in America; while the violence has decreased the tyranny continues.

Evangelical Christians desire to spread the word of God, but because of their fundamental ideologies people are pushed away rather than pulled towards the church. Try to sit down and reason matters concerning the legitimacy of other faiths, LGBT inclusion, women in leadership, and a variety of other issues.  Often this is a concern based on the exegesis of the religious text.  It is very difficult for one fundamentalist to agree to disagree on even seemingly small issues such as woman in leadership.  Try getting a complementarian to visit a church with a female pastor; it is not going to happen.

To agree to disagree and support each other out of common love for God and man is nonexistent; generally the fundamentalist is not going to budge. Life would be much easier if we just let be.  Why can’t we stop being afraid and understand God as the loving creator he is?  Maybe the idea of deconstructing everything that we thought about Christianity is not an option.  After years within a certain set of beliefs allowing other interpretations of doctrines is a humbling experience.

Breaking into the Citadel of the Mind.


Breaking into the fortress that is the mind is not an easy task.  Yes modern manipulation takes place with every television commercial that you watch but those prey on your outer more susceptible regions.  The new soap commercial is probably not going to change your worldview.  Generally what must take place is a profound experience that is on somewhat a “supernatural” level.  This is difficult as most fundamentalist generally do not experiment with DMT or psilocybin mushrooms.  A terrible accident or disease, maybe a family member comes out as gay or lesbian.  Maybe it is just something that starts small and grows into a full blown spiritual awakening.  Until a person has reached the point in which he or she declares “I know nothing” It will be impossible to know anything.  Until the Christian says yes, Jesus is my savior, but maybe I do not have all the answers and neither does my church.  The hostility to an unbarred mind is ferocious and exact.  Much of the hate and anger that is dividing America is due to fundamentalist who refuse to compromise.

The Unbarred Mind.


The advantage of the unbarred mind is endless.  A few benefits these special individuals have is a lack of fear, an ability to reason, the ability to learn new concepts improving their lives, and a true sense of freedom.  Jesus possessed an unbarred mind along with nearly every other catalytic figure of the world’s religions.  Today we are seeing an emergence of Christians who are tearing down the walls of the mind.  More Christians are identifying as progressive, liberal, and tolerant.  Many are proud of their heretical label, wearing their damnable doctrinal beliefs as badges of honor.





The Backyard Preacher # 156 (Be The Prophet)

Be The Prophet

Be the prophet. Spiritual gifts especially that of prophecy can be a confusing subject. People go their whole lives without tapping into spiritual gifts. Listen to this podcast, and learn how to be the prophet!

Is Being Christ Like a Burden?


Is being Christ like a burden? Are we not supposed to be one with the father as Jesus was?  “That all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you.” (John 17:21, NIV).   I am sure there may be some who have reached this supreme initiation of glory to glory; I have yet to meet one. A worthy goal, it causes many problems.  We begin chasing divine alignment through works. Seeking the approval of others, for our own ego satisfaction.  The result is guilt, anxiety, fear and worry.

No More Shame.


The Apostle speaking of our death, “Now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known.  But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.” (1John 3:2, NIV).  As spiritual children, we will miss the mark.  Not that we should be ashamed of our humanity.  God knows this, “Such is the confidence that we have through Christ toward God. Not that we are sufficient in ourselves to claim anything as coming from us, but our sufficiency is from God.” (2 Corinthians 3:4-5).  Christians will struggle endlessly to be like Christ.  Understanding that 99.99 percent of us will never reach perfection on earth.  I leave a possibility of .01 percent because I just do not know.  To get bent out of shape because of our mistakes and failures is playing into the hands of the evil one.

Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll.

The Apostle writes, “We demolish arguments and pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” (2 Corinthians 10:5, NIV).  Thoughts of sex, drugs, and rock and roll; should not create guilt.  We are human; we are going to think like humans.  Rid ourselves of the shame of humanity.  It is not our fault!  Being Christ like should not be a burden.  We are spiritual children and will continue to be till we see him.

Be Happy!


Remember, “For God hath not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7 KJV).  Christianity has a high burn out rate.  People have the “saved” experience creating a buzz of excitement.  Slowly manifesting a heavy weight of guilt.  Guard your hearts and minds from the guilt that our fellow Christians place upon us.  This may mean deconstructing everything that you once thought about Christianity. Is being Christ like a burden?  My answer.  Do not worry about it, be happy, love God, love people and forget about the rest!