Repeal and Replace the Electoral College

I have a great idea, forget going to the voting booth, we can vote via our smart phones. One click and you have the next law, congressman, governor, and even president. This whole Electoral College thing; it is completely unfair. How can a few people out in Montana have the equal standing as the city of Las Angeles, New York City, or Chicago? It is dumb. I know at the moment we are a Republic. I understand the reason for the Electoral College, yet in this great time of advancement we can set our feelings aside and allow the smartest people in the room to make the choices for us.

I have heard it said this way; human civilization began in Mesopotamia and we then spread out all over the globe. The farther people went the more innovative and smart their offspring became. Then people started to invade the United States and some tried to cross the country. People like my family only made it as far as Iowa. Yay me! But, those really innovative and adventurous types made it all the way to California the state with the greatest of ideas, policies, and tolerance. I would happily forbid anyone in Iowa to vote and give our will to the great people of California.

We should not have to wait and wait for clean water in Detroit and to stop the insane wars that we keep getting into to further an elitist agenda. It’s time to stop sending people to prison because of the color of their skin. It is time to treat people with respect regardless of their gender and sexual orientation, to pay people a living wage and make sure everyone receives healthcare. We live in a country that truly needs a reformed education system. Not a Betsy DeVos!

So, as long as we have it clear, no more unfair Electoral College, and to vote, no ID is necessary. Please, people in Sweden feel free to interfere with our elections the Russians got it wrong! Basically you must know how to operate a smart phone and like clean water. Simple, or is it?


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