Capitalism Never Works

That title should read capitalism works; but only for the fortunate few. In such a great land as ours, the richest country in the world our people live in utter poverty. A large percentage of citizens are working two jobs without proper healthcare, nutrition, education and abysmal housing. Why is this you ask? It is because of the failing system we call capitalism. A system of private owners who control the government, a system which would work beautifully f it was not for greed. What do private owners want? You guessed it; money! You need healthcare; pay me, food; pay me, education; pay me, housing; pay me. The economic force of supply in demand is beautiful if it were not manipulated to serve the wealthiest. We in the United States have very little checks and balances on the greed of our citizens. I suppose greed is not illegal, yet to treat people inhumanely should be.

It is time we re-evaluate our system and step up our socialism. Let’s face it modified socialism works. I want to give you a military example. I served the United States in the Army for 5 years. During that time I was provided housing rent free, medical coverage, food, and free college education. I also received a pay check. I received this in exchange for my service as a Military Police soldier. The government already knows how to provide the services and help people to find meaningful work in areas in which they are skilled. Yet we the people do not run the government. You think that you are voting for someone with your best interest at heart. Wrong! It doesn’t matter who you vote for because the corporations with the fattest pockets are going to have the country in which is ran to service their never ending hunger for money.

I am not saying that everything should be operated by the government. I am not saying that you cannot start your own private business. All I am saying is if you are going to profit on American soil you need to provide a living wage along with health c are. That’s 15+ per hour plus no expense to the employee healthcare. This would be even easier if the government gave stipends to businesses to help offset cost. This along with food vouchers so the freezer is always full, and vouchers for housing. I am not saying people don’t need to work, I am saying to qualify for these benefits you must work.

When I think of countries like Sweden, Scandinavia, Belgium, and other EU countries, ponder why not us? Why can’t we spend more time developing our country and less time dropping bombs in the desert?


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