Trickster God

 God is not some type of trickster, but we can certainly through our human eyes create great schisms through our view of God. Within Christian theology as well as other religions of the world, based upon our view, interpretation, experience and so on.
Let me tell you a short story.

God was walking through town one day and his left side was in the form of a woman, and his right side the form of a man. Later on, people at the local pub started talking about the goddess who visited the town. Others over heard the conversation of the group who saw the goddess and said no, no, it was a man.
Both groups grew heated and eventually began to fight forgetting why God may have came to visit them in the first place. 
When we act this way within our own faith system, let alone when trying to understand another, we never will be in unity.
I tend to beleive the best way to understand theology is to listen, and understand. Nobody has ever seen God, we can read about Jesus. We can say Jesus was this or that. We form groups called denominations and divide ourselves because we cannot allow our ego to possibly be wrong. 
Today as we head into this thanksgiving week let us be thankful for our differences. Let’s listen and understand one another. Maybe through our empathy others will also understand us.
The Backyard Preacher


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