The Value of Experience 

In life everything cannot be learned by reading books.  You may say but Nate. You put great stock in reading.  Yes, I do. Yet I also understand that a child in southern Florida can read every book there is on what snow is like.  To view pictures of snowmen, sledding, and other winter sport, but without the actual ecperience, the value of the knowledge is unrewarding.  

The same is true for many things in ourlives, both knowledge and experience can bring both positive or negative consequences.  We must choose wisely.  

As a Christian I can read the Bible all I want and have great knowledge of the text, but without the experience of God it is just another book.  

It is no wonder that Christian and Buddhist monks seem to understsnd each other while the priest of their religions (the ones who went to school) lack in agreement.  See the monks have not just read, they have experienced God. They knocked on the door of heaven and it was opened to them.  
Who do you want to be? 
Have a blessed Saturday my friends!