One Quad City School Drops the Ball on School Bullying

The 2017-2018 school year has just begun and already there are reports of violent attacks taking place at one Quad City school. Bullying has become a national topic; there is no parent immune from this epidemic. One week into the new school year a Davenport Central student was attacked and thrown into the trophy case as he was walking in between classes. Fortunately the student was not seriously injured but did need to seek medical attention requiring several stitches. You are probably thinking that the attacker was suspended or even arrested for the incident. You are correct the student has been suspended and as of now no arrest has been made. What you may be disappointed to hear is that the victim of the assault was also suspended from school.

How can we send our students to school when they are not properly protected? What do we do when a crime has been committed against one of our students and they are also made out to be a perpetrator? This stems from a line of thinking that if the student is attacked then he or she should automatically and miraculously find their way to safety. If the student attempts to defend themselves in any way they are then listed as an aggressor. The father of the Davenport Central student spoke to assistant principal Ed Veasey. I may also remind you that Davenport Central also dropped the ball by not contacting the parents of the victim. A call did come from the school nurse explaining that the student needed medical attention. The father learned of the student’s suspension from his son, not the administration. When speaking to assistant principal Ed Veasey the father asked some simple questions. Q. Why was my son suspended? A. Because he was in an altercation. Q. He was attacked does he not have the right to defend himself? A. Yes he has the right to defend himself. Q. Then why is he suspended? As you can see the father became frustrated and decided that the argument was circular and coming to no reasonable conclusion.

Later that day the students Father contacted the Davenport schools administration office in order to make sense of the situation. Obviously someone with authority must have some common sense? Or so you would think. The student’s father had to repeatedly call the administration office only to be told an administrator would call the next day around 10:00 AM. This is a phone call the student’s father never received. The student’s father had to call the Administration office only to be told he needed to talk with the senior principal Jon Flynn before he was able to take his case to one of the administrators.

Jon Flynn was contacted and did answer the father’s questions with similar answers as that of assistant principal Ed Veasey. Mr. Flynn did seem surprised that the administration did not contact the parents of the student about the attack, but he also stood his ground on the suspension. Jon Flynn also admitted that a student could defend him or herself but they must make an attempt within an unknown time frame to escape the attack. This does not seem to make sense especially when a student is thrown into a glass trophy case later requiring stitches. The father reports that Jon Flynn was respectable and understanding but he could not lift the suspension. I doubt that, but that is reportedly what he stated.

So here is the deal. What if it is your son or daughter next? We send our kids to school thinking that they will be safe and when they defend themselves They are treated as a victim, instead as part of the problem. This should not take place in any school. Davenport Central High School has in my opinion placed a green light on bullying. Students must live in fear knowing that they will also be suspended if they try to defend themselves. This should never have to be on the minds of students in a supposedly safe learning environment. The father should never have had to deal with an obtuse school district and high school administration. Neither should you. No student should ever feel as if they are a perpetrator if they are attacked by another student and punished for defending themselves. This may cause who knows how much harm to their young minds. This author believes that some actions should take place in order to make it right for the student involved.

  1. The principals involved reprimanded in writing.
  2. A direct apology to the student by the administration.
  3. A change in policy so that students feel safe again.
  4. Better training methods in handling cases of school bullying.
  5. An apology to the father of the student in writing assuring him that this behavior by school staff will never happen again.


Please help! I urge you to call the Davenport school administration office and tell them school bullying will not be tolerated. That those who are bullied are not offenders but victims.

You can reach the Davenport offices at 563-445-5000


Natural Disasters are not Caused by Sin 

During disasters such as the one in Houston we as Americans pull together as a country to help our fellows.  I don’t mean to be controversial but then again I am writing this as The Backyard Preacher.

Often times when natural disasters strike their is a current of belief within some evangelical leaders and followers which believe God is punishing the victims for their “sin.”  Most of us can see how absurd this is. Yet these are very evil statements. People have suffered and died and “Christian” leaders condone the deaths as punishment for being gay etc…

I have not heard much in the way of this line of thinking recently although what if those on the left stated “The hurricane is because of God punishing Trump voters.”  Or “God is punishing those who for years have fought inequality.”  Do you see how stupid those statements sound.  Yet these statements are made when a natural disaster strikes more liberal areas of the country.

My goal in this is to show the stupidity to think God sends these disasters, and how evil it sounds when people speak with pleasure at the suffering and death of others.  And they call the left ungodly.

Hope for the Quad Cities 

Thinking about the recent crime wave in the Quad Cities I asked myself what could I do as a citizen?  How can I better understand what brings about such crime. My two thoughts were that of hope and poverty.  We all can find ourselves in what seems to be hopeless positions. For some It may seem impossible to wrap our minds around actually making something of our lives. I know, I have been there.  

Hope, is a tangible goal, a reason to do something in order to gain your desire. Hope gives you motivation to live a life to bring about your desire. Hope says despite the situation there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Yet when one has no hope trapped in the grip of poverty, one may take an identity that leads to destructive behavior to both self and community. 

It truly does take a village. It takes the cooperation of business leaders, politicians, clergy, and lay volunteers to help bring hope to who some labeled  hopeless. To bring life to those whom some say, lock up and throw away the key.  

Yes jobs are important, jobs that pay a living wage. Greater than that is finding a passion a purpose for existence outside of the criminal activity so many of our young people are pursuing and dying over. The Bible state’s in Proverbs 29:18 “Without a vision my people perish.”  Our young people lack vision, many only see the cycle of poverty, drugs, and correctional institutions.  

Let us as leaders and willing participants reach out and be empathetic to those who at the moment lack hope. They are not forgotten, let us do our best to plant the seed of a positive vision, and to volunteer in local organizations. 

When we don’t allow people to realize what they can be, they won’t become anything but what they believe.  The problems of drugs, gangs, violence, and poverty are not corrected through prison walls but rather through praying hands and feet willing to work to make a difference. 

Let us create vision, share it and not be intimidated but instead retaliate with the love of Christ and the hope of a better future for each individual within our community. 

The Backyard Preacher Podcast #104 (Hell, the Churches Bank)

The idea of a place of eternal fire and brimstone has scared the money and personal freedoms of Christians for thousands of years.  Yet what does the Bible really say?  Does hell exist at all or Jesus the master of hyperbole using the term as a reference to drive home points within his teachings?

The Backyard Preacher #103 (Ceremony in the Sky)

Today is August 21, 2017.  The day the United States experienced a solar eclipse.  What does this mean for America?  What does this mean for you?  Is there any significant to this celestial event?  Nate explains all that and more on this episode of The Backyard Preacher.

Confederate Propaganda Belongs in Museums not Street Corners. 

In Germany it is against the law to have Nazi propaganda. The Southern sympathisers beliefs are just as bad if not worse. We will never forget the evil of the South. Having honor statues only supports war criminals and slave supporters. We must come to a time as a country in which we end the madness of a divided country. It is time to unify under love. To not except terror. To tell it like it is. To not be afraid. A time to examine our own culture to accept being white and how that affects our perception of the country. To truly change our behavior we must do this. In closing there is nothing honorable and historically relevant in a traitor’s statue. Even as a Freemason we should rid ourselves of the statue of Albert Pike. The confederacy is dead and defeated. Those who support it are enemys of the state.

The Backyard Preacher #102 (End the Hate)

In the wake of the Charlottesville, VA tragedy Nate takes a look at the hate behind why white people do what they do in this country.

The Backyard Preacher #101 (Let Us Reason Together)

Today many Evangelical churches have turned into a constant Trump rally.  We are on the verge of war and many leaders such as pastor Robert Jeffress who is encouraging the president to go to war a Old Testament warrior for God.  These churches as Isaiah puts it have become worthless assemblies whos worship is detestable to God.  Instead what does God tell Isaiah?  He tells the people to seek justice, to stop doing wrong, to defend the oppressed not to blow them up! to look after the widows and children.  Basically to be like Jesus!

Progressive Christianity, Immigration and Lack of Dialogue.

I am a liberal progressive Christian. Someone who stands for immigration, limited borders, LGBT rights, etc… I recently responded to a Facebook post by an pastor in a mainline denomination that proved to me we can go beyond progressive into stupidity.  In short this pastor was claiming that without immigration we wouldn’t have anyone to work the land picking fruits and such.  I responded by sharing my opinion in which I believe we should not support more immigration just to enjoy the luxuries of cheap fruit off the backs of people who are extremely underpaid with no benefits, and without the protection of workers rights.  This position takes advantage of what essentially is close to modern slavery.  Of course no dialogue was aloud I was quickly removed from the post and deleted. I am 100% for immigration, yet I want our new Americans treated with dignity and respect. I am not in favor of immigration just to put them in the fields so I can buy cheap food products.  How people could think this is apart of being progressive is strange and disheartening.  There are certain topics in which progressive Christians are afraid to examine such as immigration.  We need to have honest dialogue, some progressives do not like to look at all sides of these issues. Just a polarizing view that dose not help but divides. We cannot show our lack of intelligence in this way.  We can be progressive but we must still think. Such as in immigration which we should  limit if the only reason we desire immigrants is to pick fruit for slave wages with no protections.  That is just wrong, and is just enjoying many American luxuries off the back of modern slaves.

Be sure to tell me your thoughts. Tell me if I am wrong. I enjoy an open honest dialogue.

The Backyard Preacher Podcast #100

This is the 100th episode of this podcast, and I will be honest it has been a complete failure.  With just a few downloads per episode I should just give up.  That is what I should do, it is not what I am going to do.  In my life I have been a failure, so I should give up there also.  Stop chasing my dreams and realize I am just a working stiff.  No, not going to do that either.  I encourage you to listen and be motivated.