“Shaken up”

I know I am going to get some flack for this and almost decided not to post this yet even when a tragedy, one as terrible as violent acts on elected officials takes place it is cause to pause and think.  Maybe I am just morbid in my thinking. Maybe I just say what the first thing is that comes to my mind. Yet it appears members of Congress were shot by a coward.
 Rightly so, members of Congress are “shaken up.” I don’t want to undermine this, yet maybe just maybe.  These men who vote to send soldiers into combat for profit, who wish to essentially kill people by taking away healthcare, these privileged few who lord over the people with draconian laws imprisoning more people than Russia and China combined, the list goes on. Let me make it clear these acts of violence against unarmed people are cowardly and detestable, yet so is the actions of those who were “shaken up.”  It is easy to impose life threatening action from behind a desk, it is not so fun when the shoes on the other foot. 
I pray for the Congress this day the members and officers injured, and those traumatized by this wicked event.  Maybe it will bring about unity and a time of reflection on why there is such division in America. 
God bless.


4 thoughts on ““Shaken up”

  1. The Christians I know who most inspire me to be a better Christian myself are the ones who display that “peace that passes understanding” and true love for their fellow man.
    If this post is the first time someone is encountering you, do you think it would inspire that someone to say:
    a) This is a man of God who inspires me to follow Jesus.
    b) Wow, this is what Christians are all about? No thanks!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I strive to be inspirational. Yet in this world not all things are. Do what you wish with your faith. Sometimes we need to be challenged in our thinking even it is hard to hear.

      1. Often things Jesus said did not sit well with authority my prayers are with our nation. Yet the media fails to mention what I stated. Jesus said it like it was. He didn’t pull any punches. Why then should we.

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