Are we gods?

Many people get the wrong idea about the word religion especially in this post-modern world of Christianity. I am not knocking post-moderns I am one of them, but most look at the word religion as something that involves organized churches, denominations, a set of creeds, dogma, tradition, and of course the biggie legalism. So let us break down the word religion and what it really means. Granted the word religion can be very complicated to break down. Over the centuries “religion” has been attached to many belief systems yet simply put, religion is divine sacred union with God and yourself. This definition can be applied to all belief systems, ones that many would not think of. Even an Atheist has a god, be it money, family, work, friends, etc. So we are all essentially religious. I am going to stay within the realm of my faith and worldview of Christianity. When I think of religion I think of the special bond I have between God and myself. It is not church, organization, traditions, creeds, or rules it is simply relationship. A relationship with a divine being in which I call Father.

Not too long ago I was out to lunch with a friend who asked me what religion meant to me. I did not hesitate to tell my friend that religion is union with the divine. Religion is this conversation between you and I, religion is the life in which I live as we are all gods, living amongst gods. Now before you think that I have went off the deep end understand I use the little g. We are not God, yet we are sons and daughters of God that is very specifically laid out throughout scripture. We are the sons and daughters of Adam the man in which God breathed the very breath of life. So when I was sitting with my friend, I was sitting with god. Most Christians would agree with my statement as long as it is worded in a different manner. We all have heard the sayings “knowing who you truly are in God” or “Christ resides in you” Jesus even said believe and it will be done for you, and greater works than these will you do. I suppose I am just claiming my position as we should. We may even accept this point of view reluctantly as Christians among our fellow Christians, but what about the Buddhist across the street or the Muslim you work with? What do we think about them, like souls that need to be saved or souls which need to be accepted? I don’t fully know, that is why I am asking the question. Yes I could simplistically say that we need to evangelize all non-Christians and there is plenty in the Bible that would lead to such a conclusion, yet there is plenty in the Bible that would lead to the idea that God is pure love with many of the earths religions represent different faces of the same God. Maybe, maybe not? Like I said I do not know, it is hard for me to believe that our God of love would banish billions to hell because they were just situationally unlucky to grow up in an Islamic household. Don’t get me wrong I believe in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, to go into all the world, but maybe not from a pulpit or television show, maybe through my actions whatever they are worth. The act of giving a cup of cold water in His name. To reach out and help the “Samaritan” who does not hold to the same beliefs as yourself, and instead of trying to convert shows love and understand teaching us that all people are your brothers and sisters that the world itself is the church building and the people of earth the church.

I believe that the death and resurrection of Jesus was a cosmic event of proportions in which we cannot fully understand. It is of course good news, the “foolishness of God” because if it was not His foolishness, we mere cosmic babes would never be able to understand it. Did this cosmic event which took place in time change the very nature of the human race? The dimension of time, possibly being outside of the realm of the spiritual was effected by the cross both past, present, and future peoples and faiths of varies kinds. I will say I do not consider myself a Universalist but I do like to question. I believe as Christians we should question everything. So as a Christian minister I wish for all people to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, yet this knowledge of Christ may just open our eyes to the bigger picture, the love of God in which He has for His children. Not what we think of when we think of religion of the 21st century. It is religion of all, religion of life, and life which points to the creator.

As I said when sitting with my friend when asked about religion, it is a union with God and man. In fact as I sat there I said I am sitting at this time with God. In fact when I am with anyone I am with God. Are we not the body of Christ? When you do something good for someone are you not doing something good for God? Are we not all I AM, and is not I AM in everything? Granted the Spiritual world is eternally vast we know so very little. The prophets and sages of old, the apostles and preachers of scripture have gave us a bit of information in which they knew very little about. We have the wisdom of other faiths which many of my fellow Christians reject as demonic, based on a past down fear of a controlling church to keep its people in line. This control is how many people look at religion. We are living in a time of spiritual awakening, a time in which the church does not have as much control as it once did, I will not get burnt at the stake for writing this but many may look upon me as a heretic for even asking the questions I propose. So the “religious” church still has a great deal of psychological control on people, pushing people to do certain things out of fear of God and eternal hell is a powerful tool used against many people raised in environments in which fundamental Christianity is taught. So where I am I going with this, as the title states “Are we gods?” As the body of Christ we are all god one to another as scripture clearly states we are His children. A human begets a human and a God begets a God. We are not superior to God we are His offspring created and made alive in Christ for good works. Just as God is alive for good works, for only good and perfect things come from Him. I believe the more we let go and allow God to speak into our lives through scripture and experience, to release our legalistic thinking in fact completely loose yourself in the act of knowing nothing, so that you may possibly gain everything.


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