Open Letter to the Christian Church of the United States in Regards to the Refugees from Syria.


Brothers and sisters, I first want to say that when I preach, I preach also to myself. I may point fingers yet these fingers are also pointed right back at me. I do not write these words to belittle anyone, but more importantly to encourage you in Christ so that his work may be accomplished through your love and kindness. As we all know the Middle East is war torn and in need of desperate help. We also are aware of the many terrorist which absolutely hate the West and what we stand for. We are saddened by the latest attacks in France yet we must forgive and love, we must not hold bitterness and hate. This is the power of Christianity and what draws people to Christ.

We are now as a country accepting thousands of refugees from war torn Syria. We must remember our commission given to us by the Lord himself.  The majority of these people are undoubtedly Muslim and I understand people are fearful yet there is no need to be. Your life is not your own, it was bought with a price and you have been called to be an evangelist. The great commission is still in effect. Instead of having to travel to a war torn environment to share Jesus, we have the opportunity to reach the unsaved with the love and kindness of Christ to those coming to our own backyards. We do not need to fear their culture or convert their way of life, what we need to do is obey the Spirit of God to show love, even if they hate us. Remember while you were still a sinner Christ died for you. We have been extremely blessed in this country. We should look at our blessings as a way in which we can be an blessing to the world. Abraham was blessed as was Israel in order to bring forth the light to the nations (Jesus). So let us do likewise. Do not get me wrong, we are at war with Islam, yet not with the people who profess Islam. We do not need to fight with hate or weapons of war, but with prayer. If we believe the Bible and follow Christ we shouldn’t be concerned but grateful for the upcoming opportunities to serve.

I am saddened by so many on social media who are living in fear of the refugees. So many who claim to be Christian yet I cannot imagine Jesus acting in such a way. I remember the parable of the banquet (Luke 14:15-24) in which a man invited certain people to a great banquet. Yet Those in which the man invited did not come. Because of their refusal the master decided to invite all people, the poor, crippled and lame. Are we refusing to invite those to the banquet of the Lord because of our fears? Are we trying to hold onto our lives that have already been purchased by the blood of Christ? Do we really think we are superior because we are citizens of the United States? I can understand this way of thinking from unbelievers, but it is unacceptable as believers. It is selfish to think of your safety over the salvation of souls. Many missionaries who went to serve overseas packed their belongings in coffins because they knew they would probably not make it back home. Their lives were not anything to hold onto, but like Christ something to give so others may be saved.

I have had the great opportunity to meet with many wonderful Muslim men and women in the Quad Cities. These men and women live in the projects as refugees from the Middle East. I have been able to freely place Bibles into their hands only because they were here. I could not have done this safely in the Middle East. I have seen dozens of children with smiles on their faces because Christians went to these same refugees to simply be a friend and give them an afternoon of joy. These children may always remember these acts of kindness and instead of being bitter they may grow to love. This is right here in my hometown. I am sure there are projects housing refugees all over the United States, and there will soon be many more. Such a great opportunity to be a missionary without even leaving the city!

Yes I understand the very real possibility that some refugees may use violence against us.  Yet so what? Christ knew that he was going to be put to death when he came to earth yet he still came. The selfless missionaries I mentioned above didn’t think of themselves when going overseas, but accepted death before stepping on to the boat. None of us get out of this life alive. We can hate or we can love. We can be like Jesus and seek to unite all the nations in the worship of God, or we can be like the enemy who only wishes to divide.

I write this with all the love in my heart to The Christians of the United States.


Nathanael Sprott


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