Planned Murderhood

Posted: July 17, 2015 in Society
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imagesCAA1JPAWPlanned Parenthood or should I say planned murderhood is under fire once again, and this time for being exposed selling body parts of aborted children. I use to work in many factories in these factories we would produce scrap parts or excess material and place them into bins. The company would then take the material and sell it or recycle it in order to make the most of its resources. Planned Parenthood who receives government funding, is using babies in a similar manner as a byproduct of their shop of horrors in order to turn an extra profit. This wouldn’t be surprising if we found out that the Nazi SS conducted this behavior. It is however extremely shocking that it is happening on United States soil. Even more the Dr.’s that are performing these procedures have no remorse for their actions almost as if they were trained by Heinrich Himmler himself. Let me also say if you are a woman who has had an abortion, I forgive you, God forgives you. Grace is a real thing and God will never turn his back on you.  The same goes for any doctor that may read this God is love and has covered our sins no matter how heinous by a man who willingly died for our salvation.

The debate is ongoing in the secular community as to when a fetus becomes a human protected by law. I honestly believe that human life begins at the moment of conception when “ourselves” our Spirit is placed into our biological suit. This is a sacred thing. That being said the majority of Americans are not supporters of abortion, it is talked about by many in hushed tones. In secular universities they tell students not to write papers on the subject out of fear. Supporters try everything in the book to brainwash the public that a woman’s body is her own while she is pregnant.  If she discards the baby she has the right because it is her body. I will call it like it is, it is not just her body but also another body in which she is carrying and responsible for. In our society we call intentional killing of another person first degree murder. Yet we have somehow justified the murder of the unborn. Now we have taken it a step further and are selling the bodies of murdered babies for profit.

The enemy of our souls knows that his time is up. There is a Christian revival that is coming to the world and God’s Spirit is going to be poured out like never before. We can look at past history, because it repeats itself. During the time of Moses in Egypt, Pharaoh ordered male Hebrew children murdered. Then Pharaoh gave this order to all his people: “Every Hebrew boy that is born you must throw into the Nile, but let every girl live.” (Exodus 1:22) Scholars also argue over of the possibility of the nation of Israel sacrificing their own children to so called gods. I will now point to the time of Jesus when Herod ordered the death of children under his authority. When Herod realized that he had been outwitted by the Magi, he was furious, and he gave orders to kill all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity who were two years old and under, in accordance with the time he had learned from the Magi. (Matthew 2:16) These documented cases show us a couple things. Abortion is not a new phenomenon and second Moses, and Jesus were both born and saved from the slaughter despite the devils plan for their destruction. Let me assure you that the men and women Satan wished to kill will be saved. They will rise up as leaders in the generations to come  and lead Christianity despite the abortion of our children in America.

I am a man and I am writing an article that many feminist would say is none of my concern. Well I don’t care, I still will write it. Is there some fault by men for the treatment of women that have led some women into the mindset that a baby within their body is not a baby? I would answer yes to that. Men for many years treated women like property, it is only a natural reaction that feminist slingshot their views in a militant way even denying one of the most precious gifts God has given to them. Women have a unique role to play in the world, they are our mothers, daughters, Grandmothers, and are natural nurturers. Women can be amazing leaders in and outside of the church. Women are equal in every way to a man and then some. Women are set apart and given an amazing ability they are the carriers of life. That is amazing and I respect all women for being able to be so connected to the divine. It is amazing that God would place a spirit into the biological womb of a woman, and give her the responsibility to care for the developing baby until he or she is ready to be birthed.  She is two people in one body. To deny this is to deny the very nature of the gift of womanhood.

I wrote about social justice abuse recently and I do not want my social justice stance against abortion to be social abuse towards the abortionist. It is the love of God that draws people to repentance. I also in no way desire to bash or shame women who have had abortions as I said above you are loved and forgiven. Yet just as murder is illegal for the sake of social order we must stop the madness that is abortion. It has gone on long enough. This is a social justice issue that the left should have long been behind instead of supported. This is about the protection of human life.

This is a call to the church, we must pray. I believe that there is real power in prayer. I also believe that almost every revival begins with prayer. When we pray things happen. So let us not be discouraged over the latest events surrounding Planned Parenthood. These new allegations may have just started America down the road to criminalizing a practice that is literally killing the future.

While so far I have drawn the line and shown my conservative fundamental side on an issue that I take very seriously. We Christians must address some issues that we have long ignored. Sex. We teach our children to abstain from sex until they are married and hope for the best. The truth is keeping teens and young adults from having sex is not that easy. We are biologically created to gravitate to the opposite sex. The sex drive is one of the most powerful drives that we humans possess. Yet many Christians despise the fact that sex education is taught in school and children have access to birth control. As a protestant I am of the belief that a human is made at the time of conception. I know my Catholic brothers and sisters have differing opinions about birth control. Yet I believe that birth control and sex education saves lives. Teens and young adults will have sex, and if they do there is a chance that the baby could be aborted. What is worse fornication or murder? I don’t think that I have to answer that question. If the laws of the land do not change we have the duty to decrease the amount of abortions that are taking place in America. We can do this through education and prevention.  It is okay to teach Biblical abstinence along with safe sex practices. It is not counterproductive or hypocritical it is not a double standard but a double preventative. The church must come to understand the practicalities of life, sex is a part of life and should not be thought of as a shameful act. Pastors and teachers need to share from the pulpit honest, and real sexual teachings and be brave enough to even preach safe sex practices. This may be difficult to understand and that’s understandable, but when lives are at stake we must do what we can.  Pray-Love-Teach- and Let God be God. We will get through this and every other struggle we face as a church. Blessings!

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